Emerald City Pet Rescue

LOGOFounded by Vivian Goldbloom in 2013, Emerald City Pet Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals. We pull predominantly from high-kill shelters around the country and place them into loving forever homes. Sometimes these animals come from abroad and sometimes from right around the corner. Emerald City Pet Rescue is run by dedicated staff and volunteers who give their time and resources to house, train, rehabilitate, transport and care for these animals.

Chewey1 2

Likes: Toys, baths, barrel rolls on the grass
Dislikes: Narrow-minded people
Special Considerations: Has intervertebral disc disease and paraplegia. Will be on pain medications and need physical therapy and bladder expression several times daily for life. No cats. Respectful kids considered.
Notes: Wheelchair included! Staff favorite! Long-term resident!

Who doesn’t love a guy with his own set of wheels? They see me rolling down the street and holler at me, but I can’t stop – I’m trying to find my forever home! The thing most people don’t realize is that I can walk around on my own a little, too – the physical fur-apy has helped me a lot! But you wanna know the direct line to my heart? Treats. I mean, seriously. Big ones, small ones, stinky ones. Gimme, gimme! I’ll do almost anything for them, like behave and show my manners. I’m looking to cruise through life with someone special like me. If that’s you, let’s hit the road and do this!

Wheelchair Dog FAQs: https://bestfriends.org/resources/faqs-about-cats-and-dogs-wheelchairs-and-carts

Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on Chewey!


6 thoughts on “Emerald City Pet Rescue

  1. Hi, Vivian. Hope you’re good.

    Do you have room for a female spayed white boxer 3ish? She is in a bad situation?

    You helped me ask with Hercules, he ended up getting adopted by the vet tech and never made it to Seattle. Thank you so much


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