DailyECPR : Welcome Back, Darla!

Happy Friday everyone!! Who is excited for the weekend?? (Hint, meeee!) Don’t get me wrong, I love working at ECPR and spending my days among so many precious furry faces, but sometimes its nice to have some time for friends, family and… okay, I admit it… Netflix marathons.

The kennel attendants are currently prepping for dinner and the dogs are eagerly awaiting their evening meal. Want to see? Check out their eagerness here!

A-Darla DARLA returned to the building today! She was gone for a few weeks for some very special, one-on-one training and we are happy to welcome her back with open arms and are eager to meet her new, happier, more trusting self! We knew she had it in her to be such a good girl and this is such a positive step toward finding her that perfect forever home! If you are interested in scheduling a meet and greet with this adorable little Brussels-griffon/maltese mix, please call us at 206 557 4661. Look at that little face, and that fluffy tail! She’s a classy lady, that’s for sure!

Our DONATIONS PAGE on our website is officially LIVE! We will be updating it with even more information soon.

Off I go to enjoy that family-friends time … okay, okay, Netflix marathon! But remember, weekends are the perfect time to schedule those meet and greets and prepare to rescue a new furry companion all your own. Have an excellent Friday Night, everyone!

<3, Emerald City Pet Rescue

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