DailyECPR : Farewell, Sweet Faces!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all had an awesome labor day weekend! Me? I lounged around with my dog and cat, worked on my novel and even painted a little bit but come this morning, I was glad to return to work. After all, nothing makes us happier than seeing all of the sweet critter faces of those we were able to rescue and being with them every day until they find their new homes!

Speaking of new homes….
so. many. adoptions. and. so. many. new. faces!!!

A-Wendy Several of our sweet critters got contracts recently… including one of my favorites. Congratulations little Wendy! Look at that sweet face and those silly ears, isn’t she precious? I will miss her but I’m so happy she found a family to love her.

Many of the kittens have gotten contracts, but more kittens keep coming in so if you’re searching for a kitten to become your furr-ever friend, stop on by and meet a bunch of them! They’re curious and playful and troublesome (in that endearing, kitten way) just like they should be and they can’t wait to become the masters of their new homes.

Other pups who have been lucky enough to be spoken for by eager adopters are Frisco, Percy, Keisha, Coconut and the tiny puppy Amory. As summer comes to an end and fall prepares to take over the world, adoptions are booming and we couldn’t be happier!

If puppies is what your heart desires, in the very near future we will have many up for adoption so check our website daily for updates on who is available, or call reception at 206 557 4661. There is no better feeling than saving a life, and if in doing so, you get a loyal friend who will love you until the end of all time, well that’s just another bonus!

That’s all for Tuesday, have an excellent evening and don’t forget to hug your critters tonight!

<3, Emerald City Pet Rescue

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