DailyECPR : Puppy Party!

PUPSRemember last week’s blog when we got a whole bunch of new puppies in from a ground transport? They are back in the facility, and today they all got introduced to the playroom. Result? PUPPY-O- GANZA! Puppies puppies everywhere! Of course, the entire staff took turns being in and out of the playroom with these adorable, precious little angels, and some staff-fights broke out about how long we were all taking with our turns.

I’m completely kidding about the fights, but it was hard to limit our time in there!

There are 5 Chihuahua puppies, and two cocker mixes. There’s a bit more pee to clean up with so many puppies, but the cuteness makes the bit of extra work well worth it! We are so excited to keep watching these little guys grow, and then see them get wonderful, loving homes!

Psst – one of our employees has their eye on one of the Chihuahua puppies, so there’s a possibility one of these precious angels could be staying within the family. We’ll see – let’s work hard to convince her! Which employee is it? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Special thanks to all of the staff, especially kennel staff, for looking after these younins so diligently, cleaning up after their piddles, giving them LOTS of love and cuddles and keeping everyone healthy and safe! ECPR was a wild, busy place today but we got through it!

Interested in adopting one of these darlings? They’ll be listed as available for adoption on our website soon!

Have a fabulous evening, everyone. This week is going by SO fast! (Well, Monday was a holiday, so that’s got something to do with it as well!)

<3, Emerald City Pet Rescue

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