DailyECPR : Little Nolan Loves Suzanne

NolanThe cuteness overload this week has no end. Our little shih tzu Nolan got to spend a chunk of the day in the manager’s office with our office manager Suzanne (ahh words, how I love you!) and the cuddles were definitely reminiscent of human and puppy falling in love! I’ve been trying to convince her to adopt him, but she’s got four shih Tzu’s at home already….
Which means she should get a fifth, right? Right?? Because who can resist that precious little face! We’ll keep trying to wear her down, maybe it will work.. or maybe Nolan will do all of the work for us just by being his cute little self. We’ll keep you updated on the saga of Nolan and Suzanne and I’ll continue to be the little devil on her shoulder whispering, “Just do it, you know you want to!”

Still more kittens are coming in, and seven little tiny babies are coming home with me tonight to be fostered. They need to be fed every 2.5 hours around the clock so I’ve got my work cut out for me and no-sleep-nights ahead! I suppose this is good preparation if I ever decide to have a human child some time in the future… but maybe I will stick with four legged furry children. We’ll keep you updated on these seven little gems and let you know when they are old enough to be available for adoption! In the meantime, we still have a handful of cute, cuddly kittens so if you’re ready to add a new feline family member now, give us a call a 206 557 4661 or stop by our facility here in SoDo.

That’s all the excitement for today, but the weekend is rushing up upon us fast! Remember, we are open 7 days a week from 10AM to 7PM Monday through Saturday and 10AM through 6PM on Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday evening and don’t forget to hug your furry friends before going to sleep tonight! 🙂

Emerald City Pet Rescue

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