DailyECPR : Tony Stark Is Done

TonyStarkWith so many puppies at ECPR, the kennel staff is in full constant-cleanup mode! Its not just the piddles and poos, but all of the fun, adorable, but busy puppy antics! Another thing about having so many puppies is that it helps wear out the adults. Mister Tony Stark, our little resident Iron Man, was so pooped from today that by this evening he was camped out on a blanket, intentionally a ways away in the playroom from where all of the puppy activity was. He wore his Iron Man suit for the day and courageously saved a few damsels in distress but by 5PM he had decided that Pepper Potts needed to bring him his end-of-the-day martini and his slippers because he more than ready for a good night’s sleep!

Tony Stark is a little dog with a LOT of personality! A true Chihuahua in nature, he can be tiptoe-y around people he doesn’t know, but when he does get to know you he won’t want to leave your side. If you’re looking for a very loyal friend who will cuddle with you all night and keep away the bad guys with his oh-so-ferocious bark, Tony Stark is your man! To set up a meet and greet with Tony, give us a call at 206 557 4661.

In other news, the seven kittens I mentioned yesterday are doing very well! The littlest one Rupee, the “runt” if you will, made it successfully through the night and our vet tech said this morning that she looks like she is doing well. She will grow up to be a strong little tigress, a definite little fighter for the purr-fect family when she is old enough to be up for adoption in a month or so. Until then, she will remain in foster care with her six siblings, two older foster-siblings, and a foster-mama who will cuddle her close as much as she wants and needs.

Tomorrow we have a new volunteer orientation, and its a big one! We are so grateful that so many people are as passionate about saving these animals as we are. We couldn’t do this without your generosity and dedication!

If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, check out our volunteer tab on the lefthand side of the blog! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Time to PUP-tay! Hmm.. I was trying to be clever and mix the word party with the word puppies but, it just didn’t come out like I hoped it would. Oh well, I tried!

Emerald City Pet Rescue

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