DailyECPR : They Call It Puppy Love

A-Pixie One of the best (and the worst) things about working for a rescue is that it’s impossible not to fall in love with the animals. Some of us employees get the adoption bug when it’s a good time for us to adopt, sometimes we just fall in love with a particular animal and we know we have to welcome them into our home, and other times we try to help out by fostering, and then we soon realize that our fostered pet has become a part of our family and we can’t let them go. Today, I wanted to talk about a few of the pets that have come through ECPR that have been lucky enough to become employee adoptees.

A few months ago, when we started getting a lot of kittens, I was asked to foster two of them until they were old enough for vaccinations and could then be available for adoption. Naturally I fell in love with them as soon as I had them at home! I tried to be “responsible” and when it was time for the kitties to get their shots, the most laid-back kitty went up for adoption. But his precious, quirky, silly brother… well, let’s just say I wake up in the mornings when his furry little head and damp little nose rubbing against my cheek because he wants his breakfast! He is what we refer to here at ECPR as a “foster fail.”

A-TannerAm I the only employee to have a “foster fail?” Heck no! Brandon and Erica (our events coordinator and our kennel lead) have an adorable chi/Tibetan spaniel mix named SoHo that they fostered from ECPR and ended up adopting. Our kennel attendant Bethany recently adopted a deaf mini Australian shepherd named Athena from here, another kennel attendant Jayme adopted a Chihuahua from here named Pixie, and yet another kennel attendant from here, Lucy, adopted our precious Tanner, the doxie who is paralyzed from his waist down but does not let that stop him one bit. He rolls around in a wheelchair like it’s nothing!

Today, Athena is visiting the facility (as our “foster fail” pets often do) and she is burning off some of her puppy energy playing with the other puppies. At least she will be tuckered out by the time Bethany brings her home!

Tanner often comes by and shows the other dogs how courageous and fun-loving he is by keeping up with them despite his disability, and Pixie often tags along with Jayme when she comes to work.

Up at reception, our admin Chandra hangs out with her Chihuahua Quirty, also from here. Quirty “guards” the front area!

My chorkie, Lily Lou, although not adopted from here accompanies me to work every day and curls up on her pink bed on my desk, or runs around the playroom trying to keep up with the other dogs. Every morning, she dances around on her hind legs waiting for me to clip her leash on because she knows she is coming here and she loves it!

It’s an amazing gift to be able to work with people who love animals as much as I do, but it’s equally as incredible to know that while we’re here giving ECPR our all, the very nature of rescue gives back to us in so many ways including but not limited to the wonderful animals that first entered our homes for a place to stay, and then stayed in our houses for a place to call home. We all consider our wonderful pets to be a part of our families, and at ECPR, every day is “Bring your dog to work day.” We all give our hearts to the cause of rescue, but rescue gives double the joy back to us. I’m sure our adopters feel the same way. Nothing beats the unconditional love of a rescue pet. They know you chose them, and every time they look at you, you can see the gratitude and love in their eyes. Every time I glimpse it, it warms my heart.

Emerald City Pet Rescue

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