DailyECPR: An Ode to the Mamas

What is more adorable, endearing, wonderful and all around precious then a sweet little puppy?


Their inquisitive eyes, their giant paws, their silly mannerisms….everyone loves a puppy! But you know loves a puppy best of all? A puppy’s Mama!

Mother’s Mercy and Karma watch over the puppies.

Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we don’t just have a herd of rambunctious puppies, we have some doting and devoted mother dogs.

One such mother is our bouncy friend Karma who many of the kennel attendants refer to respectfully as Karma Mama. She is the radiant mother of three of the cutest puppies I have met in my life: Amory, Keegan and Spencer. It is easy to see where these three heart-melters got their good looks and effervescent personalities. Karma is shy when she meets strangers, but once she has accepted you as one of her ‘people,’ a whole new side of Karma emerges. She is spunky, lively and fun-loving! She has an adorable way of displ20150818_154015-001aying her excitement. She does a prancing frolic. While in the midst of her prancing frolic, she doesn’t just wag her tail, she wags her entire butt! This girl knows how to embrace the beauty of movement to express one’s joy. Today was a hard day for little Karma. Her last puppy, baby Spencer, went to his forever home. Amory and Keegan already went to their forever home in days past. It is hard for a mother to say goodbye to their beloved children. But Karma did an amazing job raising and nourishing her brood and they are poised for success in their forever homes. Now we just need to find Karma her forever home! It can take longer for dogs who are shy during initial greetings to find their people. But I know anyone would be so lucky to have this little lady be part of their life. Karma has one of the most amazing smiles ever, and whenever I see it on her face, it makes my day all the better.

Another amazing mother we have at Emerald City Pet Rescue is Mercy. The scruffy terrier Mercy is mother to a litter of puppies that look to be all Chihuahua! Genetics work in strange and mysterious ways. But even though Mercy may not share her children’s looks (except for a shared family cutenness), it is obvious by her behavior that those puppies are hers! She is very protective of her little ones. Just today, one of her pu20150918_174504 (1)-001ppies named Boo was in her kennel because she seemed like she needed some peace from her rowdy siblings in the playroom. But then Boo grew restless and made a sad little squeal, as if to say “I’m lonely!” I went from the playroom to the kennel room to check on her, and as I was going through the door, Mercy dashed past me straight to her pup’s kennel, to make sure her little girl was okay. Mercy likes to keep a watchful eye on her puppies. Whenever someone is holding one of Mercy’s babies, Mercy will stand on her hind legs to get a good look at her puppy, just to make sure her puppies are being treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. But Mercy’s good mothering isn’t the only thing that makes this dog a charmer. She is sweet, gentle and loving and always ready for a hug and a cuddle.

20150920_113509-001We also have mothers at Emerald City Pet Rescue whose puppies already went to their amazing forever home’s a while ago. One example being Josephine, a sweet scruffy girl with an independent spirit. More than most dogs, Josephine likes her alone time. She will find a comfortable corner in the playroom to curl up where presumably, she spends her time day dreaming. But her independent streak doesn’t mean she doesn’t need her people. Josephine loves to have her head scratched and to be told she is a good dog while getting her well-deserved cuddles. Josephine has certainly earned a lifetime of cuddles. When her puppy Napoleon was still at ECPR, Josephine did a wonderful job comforting and caring for her playful little guy.

We also have Madonna, whose sweet pups Bingo and Jubilee already found their wonderful forever homes. When Madonna’s pups were still part of the ECPR dog crew, Madonna loved to spend her day20150903_112645 (1)-001s playing with her pups. The little family of three would be a whirlwind of cuteness as they bounced, pounced and wrestled around the playroom. Whenever new puppies arrive at ECPR, especially if the puppies do not have their mother’s with them, Madonna’s mothering instincts shine through. She is always trying to befriend the puppies of ECPR. After her puppies left, Madonna had more time to spend on herself. One thing Madonna struggles with is confidence. New people sometimes make her fearful, as do new situations. But under the guidance of our trainer, the kennel crew has been working on training with Madonna. When Madonna learns a new command, you can sense the pride she feels in herself. She moves with an extra skip to her step and her face brightens with her beautiful doggy smile. This little dog did an amazing job raising her puppies and she should be full of confidence every moment of the day.

The mother dogs at ECPR are truly inspiring. They are devoted, loving and put the needs of their puppies above their own needs. After the hard work they have done raising their puppies, it is time for these mom’s to start being mothered. These four girls deserve the royal treatment!… A life full of pampering and love in their future forever homes!

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