DailyECPR : Get a FREE dog-walk with WAG!

Hello everyone!
Whew – its been a crazy week here at ECPR! Between working full time and taking care of a large litter of baby kittens, I have literally been taking my work home with me, and even getting up frequently during the night to feed and clean up after the little critters! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’ll even go so far as to admit that I love it, these little babies bring so much joy to my life and I’m very excited because in just a few weeks they will be ready for adoption and they will bring joy to so many more people! We also have other kittens available RIGHT MEOW!

( Hint : If you’re thinking of welcoming a kitten into your family, give us a call at 206 557 4661. Kittens get adopted fast! )

Wewag free walk‘re also happy to announce our partnership with a new company called WAG!
Are you working furkid parent who is searching for ways to get your pup some outdoor enjoyment during the day? We have something AWESOME for you! We just partnered with a great new company called WAG!, which is essentially uber for dog walking! Download the app, get your FREE lock box and choose your pre-screened trusted dog walker! Your first walk is also FREE!

Tomorrow, October 3rd is a state-wide “open house” for rescues and shelters. ECPR is participating! We have NO pre-scheduled meet and greets here at our SoDo facility, so if you are looking to add a new furr-ever four legged family member to your pack, stop by anytime between 10AM and 6PM tomorrow and meet some of our amazing animals! From 12PM to 2PM we will be having a few guest speakers and vendors so stop on by for cool info and goodies!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, hopefully we will see you tomorrow, but if not, stay awesome and you will hear all about how the open house went when we blog on Sunday!

Emerald City Pet Rescue

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