DailyECPR : We Met Grumpy Cat!

Happy Friday, everyone!! The weekend is almost here, I can feel it, I can see the clock tick-tick-ticking away. I have very awesome plans for this weekend. It involves a lot of wild partying. …. Okay, let’s be honest. I have a date with the litter of kittens I am still fostering when I get home, and then with my PILLOW! And then there’s the whole adulting part of life where my once-leisurely weekends now consist of running errands and fulfilling responsibilities….

But now, let’s back track from my upcoming weekend of errands and sleep and talk about what’s REALLY important –


grumpy2Emerald City Pet Rescue was invited to be part of a very fun event yesterday, a GRUMPY CAT meet and greet! The famous feline with the eternally grumpy face was here in Seattle yesterday to celebrate her third book.

We (myself, and two awesome volunteers Susan and Suzanne) arrived at the location of the meet and greet, a University of Washington bookstore. (It was HUGE! As in, I could have easily gotten lost in it – and I actually did even if only for a few moments!) We had substantially less gear than we are used to bringing to events because the lovely hosts provided tables and chairs for us (Thank you for that!) and it was indoors with limited space so we did not need our tent.

We set up our ECPR gear right next to some gear from Best Friends and the Seattle Humane Society. We got acquainted with a few lovely people that had been waiting in line for three hours just to be among the first to meet Her Royal Feline Highness.  The line started to move, and we perfected talking about our rescue in 30 seconds or less for those walking by. A lot of people ooed and awed over our adorable adoptable pets so who knows, maybe some of our critters will find forever homes with some of Grumpy’s most dedicated fans!

After they closed the meet and greet line at 8PM, the event hosts surprised all of us and offered us the chance to meet Miss Grumpy, so volunteer Suzanne and I scrunched in and got our photo snapped. Grumpy couldn’t have cared less, she was asleep! Grumpy

As ECPR continues to grow, I am thrilled that we are being offered opportunities to participate in different types of animal-related events, and we are of course happy to be at all of them that we can in order to spread the word about our rescue and showcase our precious animals to help them find their forever families.

If Grumpy Cat could talk, I would imagine she might have been saying something like, “Not that I CARE, but if you give these animals a home maybe ECPR staff can stop going on and on about how cute they are. NOW I’M GOING BACK TO SLEEP!”

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, fall is well underway and winter is just around the corner!

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