Emergency Surgery – A Pooch In Need!



Meet sweet little Mochi. He follows you around as soon as you get home and wags his tail until he gets picked up. He gives you as many kisses as he can until you set him down. He loves breezes. He’s very zen, he will stop what he’s doing and hold his head up just to let the wind run through his hair. He likes to burrow under the covers. He loves to sleep on his back and he is always the last one up. He loves eating rice and yogurt. Mochi is a wonderful companion and my best friend.

When Mochi’s owner first noticed that he was unable to move or feel his back legs he immediately took Mochi to his preferred vet, but was referred to a neurologist which he is visiting today. We hope to share more updates on Mochi’s condition as they surface. Currently, we are hoping to raise a total of $4000 dollars to ensure that Mochi is as well taken care of during this time of need as possible. If you are able to assist, please visit our youcaring page to make a donation for Mochi’s medical expenses. We would also greatly appreciate you sharing Mochi’s story and fundraising page on any and all of your social networking sites. Anything you can do to help this sweet pup, he will greatly appreciate!

Edit : Mochi’s fundraising page is longer active, please visit this post for the latest update on this sweet little lad.




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