Rest In Peace, Mochi :(

We are saddened to update all of you that have expressed concern and support toward little Mochi, that unfortunately, this precious pooch has passed.

Mochi had a degenerative spine disease and a possible slipped disk. A neurological consult was conducted to see if surgery was an option and how we could best help him, but after a thorough examination of Mochi’s condition, Mochi’s person and his vet made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to put him humanely to sleep. By the time that decision was made, little Mochi was almost completely paralyzed and in a lot of pain. With a degenerative disease, even if surgery might have eased his pain and increased his quality of life, he would have continually regressed and his pain would have continued to get worse. As much as we wanted to help this wonderful little lad, the best thing for him was to no longer endure his pain.

We want to thank everyone who has shared Mochi’s story and put their heart into the quest to help him. At ECPR, a very special and unique passion that brings us all together is our desire to help animals so this has been difficult news for us to accept, but sometimes the best way to be there for someone is to let them go. We feel honored that we were reached out to and asked if we could show support for Mochi, and we are honored that we were able to do so while we could. We are thankful for the time Mochi had with his loving person. There is nothing so fulfilling and amazing as the bond between a person and their pet and it was very clear to us that Mochi and Jake (his person) had love for each other in spades.

RIP, little Mochi. You are loved, and you will be missed but the love you so freely gave to others will live on in the hearts of everyone who’s life you touched.

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