Meet Our First ASPCA-Assisted Rescue : Dinah!

Emerald City Pet Rescue is proud to announce that we are affiliating with the ASPCA to help us pull more pets for rescue. YAY!

How It Works :
If we see a furry friend in need that we would like to pull, we can contact the ASPCA and ultimately, they help us expedite the process and assist in making sure the animal has everything they need in order to be pulled even up to potentially assisting with transport. The speedier and smoother the process, the better for the animal and the more animals we can ultimately rescue and find forever homes for!

DinahWe have very recently had the privilege of our first ASPCA-assist pull, a gorgeous one-year-old terrier mix named Dinah. Special thanks to Christine Wood of Companion Animal Network for being there to facilitate the pull and pick up this precious bundle of paws for us!

Due to some form of trauma, one of Dinah’s front legs needed to be reset so here she is showing off her gorgeous pink cast! She will travel from California to Seattle soon, and soon after that she will be available for adoption! We are delighted to get the chance to know Dinah a little bit more and to see her find the loving, permanent home she deserves.

For updates on Dinah keep an eye out right here on our blog and on our social networks. If you’re interested in scheduling a meet and greet with Dinah once she has arrived in Seattle, please give us a call at 206 557 4661

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