DailyECPR: Oh Little Harper, Why Are You Still Here?


One thing ECPR staff sometimes ask their animal friends is “Why are you still here?” This question is usually asked of charming, ado20151108_133208rable and highly adoptable animals that for some reason have not yet found their forever home.
All the animals at ECPR are welcome to stay here as long as it takes them to find their forever home. It takes some animals much less time than others. Often times the sweet, adorable, well-behaved and friendly dogs find their forever home the quickest. Some of our animals have had hard lives and need more emotional, behavioral or physical rehabilitation before they are really able to find the right home. Some of our animals may have certain personality quirks that make finding their forever home a little more difficult, but never impossible. Some of the animals we have are very shy and their true charm doesn’t show until they feel more comfortable. But other times, we have animals that seem to have all the qualities of an easy to adopt animal, but they are still here!

Introducing….Harper! Why is this sweet little puppy stll here? She came in with her mother and her litter mates. Her mom and four siblings already found their home. But for some reason, our lil’ gal Harper has not found her forever home.

Harper is a delightful little dog who loves both human beings and her fellow dogkind. She is an expert cuddler. I always find Harper cuddling in the most bizarre and precious ways. One of our ECPR dogs will be stretched out in the playroom, obviously enjoying the pure joy of relaxation. Harper will come trotting along and she will plop down on top of the other dog as if every dog in the playroom was her potential couch or headrest.


Harper also loves cuddling with her human friends. It is not uncommon to see Harper curled up in someone’s oversized ECPR sweatshirt. Here is Lucy with her little friend Harper snuggling close.


  For Harper, it is not all rest and relaxation. This girl likes to embrace the playful side of life! Nothing is more exciting than frolicking around the playroom tumbling after young and old pooches alike.


Lovely Cocoa is no spring chicken, but he likes to bound and play like a little pup. Harper is quite fond of Cocoa! The two prove that multi-generational friendships are a breeze as long as you share similar passions. For these two, play is an obvious passion.


   Cocoa is not Harper’s only elderly friend. She has also befriended Piggles, a sweet little lady who normally dislikes puppies. Piggles is one of our tiniest dogs, but like many little dogs, she has a big personality. Usually when puppies or other rambunctious types get too close to her, she snaps at them. She is a firecracker who is not afraid to speak her mind! But look at her here! Either she is too tired to notice little Harper, or Harper has worked her charm!


Harper loves playing with her puppy peers too! Athena, a dog adopted by one of our staff members, gets to visit ECPR frequently. No one is more excited by these visits than Harper! When she see’s her pal Athena, I imagine what is going on in Harper’s mind is “Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!” These two girls love bouncing around the playroom, chasing and wrestling with each other. There are few things in this world filled with more merriment than puppy playtime.


Sometimes Harper doesn’t feel like playing though. Sometimes she just wants to relax in the sunshine with a few of her chihuahua friends. Seattle has its fair share of gray skies during the Fall and Winter months. Harper knows how to seize an opportunity to sunbathe when it presents itself.


   Harper is an amazing little puppy! She has a brave and curious spirit. She has a big heart and loves almost everyone she meets, dog and human alike. Harper is a puppy and still has so much to learn about the world. All she needs is her perfect forever person to share in her love and to show her how great the world can be.


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