DailyECPR : How Is Tormenting an Animal a Sport??

I would like to think that as humans, we have evolved to the point where we at least know the most basic difference between right and wrong, and taking pleasure in the pain of others seems to be a pretty blatant “wrong.” I have seen too many videos nowadays that really showcase “sports” that center around the torment of animals from canned hunting to rodeos .. to pig wrestling. And for what? To cheer? To laugh?

We are people, and we have the ability to use our mind and our conscience to distinguish right from wrong. Please take a look at the world around you and take the time to comprehend that the animals that “participate” in these “sports” do not have a choice. This is not WWF, they are not jumping in the mud to get manhandled, and bulls and horses are not voluntarily jumping into the ring to get roped and beaten. We are forcing them, against their will. They are afraid. They do not understand what is happening to them, or why.

Make a difference by saying “no” to sports that torture animals. Do not fund them, do not watch them, and PLEASE do not participate in them. Choose kindness. Choose compassion. Choose …. CHOICE.

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