DailyECPR : Donations!

With the winter months now upon us, its important that our precious pets stay warm. For those smaller dogs who are extra-sensitive to the cold, that means extra blankets in their kennels at night, and during the day, having that extra layer in the form of a nice, fluffy sweater!

As a non-profit, we always welcome and appreciate any type of donation whether it be monetary or items. Today, an awesome person dropped off two whole boxes filled with all sorts of perfect preparing-for-winter goodies from blankets and towels to dog clothes, even winter booties for those tiny puppy paws!

IMG_0816Depending on where you live, booties for your pup can actually be a very important outdoor accessory. For those of you in the “colder” states in the Midwest, when sidewalks and streets are salted, that can actually burn your pooch’s paw pads!

Here in Seattle there’s not an immediate need for booties, but Lily Lou, the amazing sport that she is, modeled them for us anyways because you never know what the weather might do! Looking good, Lil!

She is also currently enjoying a new sweater, and so are a handful of our other little dogs. We are so appreciative of today’s donations, as the weather gets chillier, all of these doggy clothes and extra blankets will definitely come in handy!

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