Introducing the BARKHAPPY app!

First there was Facebook, a great social connection to bring people together in the digital age.

Now there is BarkHappy, an app that every dog-parent NEEDS as much as a golden retriever needs a tennis ball!

FB Post Image BH (1)BarkHappy is a new application that unlocks the dog-world that surrounds you. Are you hoping to find a play-date for your pooch? Do you need to quickly find a dog-friendly restaurant or hotel? An abundance of choices is just a few clicks away! Available for both iPhone and Android, Barkhappy also provides you with daily matches your dog might get along with, a crowd sourced map you can add places yourself just by holding your finger down, and feed updates when upcoming dog friendly events are happening near you.

BarkHappy is the key to your dog’s social life! This app is at the tip of your fingers to help you connect with like-minded dog parents in order to find your pooch that BFF you know they’ve been waiting for! Never leave your dog home alone again, because you can quickly find numerous businesses that are just as welcoming to you four-legged family member as they are to you!

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