DailyECPR: Here Comes the Sun

The weather in Seattle has been particularly gloomy lately. Gray skies, torrential down pours and early sunsets can feel dreary to even the most avid rainy-day fan. Sometimes, a little bit of sunshine makes a huge difference. Sunshine can perk up the weary, and add cheer to an otherwise bleak day.

Luckily, at ECPR there is no such thing as a bleak day, because how can you not feel happy around a crew of playful, fuzzy animal-rascals? But it was easy to see that our fuzzy rascals were more than ready for some sun! Today, all of our little darlings at ECPR were basking in the delight of sunshine.

Each of the dogs have their own way of celebrating the sun. But all the dogs are drawn to the sun. The light floods through the window heating up one square in the playroom and the dogs huddle in that square of sun like it is the most wonderful place on earth.


Fiona likes to find a solitary spot on a blanket where she can enjoy the warmth of the sun in the peace of her semi-solitude. Fiona is the queen of sunbathing. When we try to take her own walks, she walks a couple of steps outside the door, flops onto the ground and then looks up with a pleased expression on her face as the sun warms the top of her head. Our little tootsie roll Fiona is no stranger to a good sunbathing session!


Tikki on the other hand took this sunny day opportunity to lure kennel attendant Ellis into giving her belly scratches. First, Tikki saw her mark Ellis walk into the playroom. The clever girl quickly put her plan into action! She rolled onto her back, brought her little paws close to her body and grinned her cute puppy dog grin. The sunlight made her adorable grin glow even brighter. What else could Ellis do but give the sweet girl some belly scratches.


Sweet and wonderful Humphrey decided even though he was wearing a dapper sweater to keep himself warm, he wanted to be even warmer. He found a comfortable spot in the sun where he thoroughly enjoyed that Autumn sunlight.


Foxley has a grand appreciation for playtime. So even when it is rest and relaxation time in the sun, he brings along a favorite toy. Sometimes when in the playroom, I will look down to see Foxley staring up at me with imploring eyes. Next to my feet will sit a toy that Foxley obviously left there from me to throw for him. It is impossible not to throw the toy for him! He goes dashing after it like a miniature, slightly stout cheetah.


Turbo is our largest dog in the playroom. Sometimes he doesn’t realize that he is so much bigger than the other dogs. He runs round the playroom in a clumsy manner, bumping into the littler dogs without a care in the world. For the most part, the little dogs are able to look past Turbo’s occasional bumbling about, because he really is such a sweet dog. He never uses his size to intimidate. He really wants to just enjoy the presence of other dogs and of his human friends. When the sun came out today, Turbo stretched out lavishly, taking a big section of prime sunshine realty. But Turbo’s such an endearing fellow, little Batzy didn’t mind. He was just glad to enjoy the sun with his pal.


There have been several days lately where we have not been able to take the dogs on any walks because of the heavy precipitation. So Josephine and Chuco were extra enthusiastic to go on a walk today. Both dogs were alert and excited as we walked down the street. The sun was getting lower in the sky and all the shadows stretched out long, but it didn’t matter that the sun was low, because the sun was there! Chuco and Josephine were thrilled!

There is nothing like an animal’s appreciation for a cozy sunspot to make you appreciate the beauty of everyday life. The dogs are constantly reminding me that there is so much to revel at in this world. I love being able to share in the dog’s enthusiasm for things that might seem small at first glance but are actually immensely important. It might seem like just a bit of sunshine, but to a dog, it is an opportunity for joy. Dogs are known for their goofiness and playfulness, but these little pooches are quite wise in their approach to life.


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