Piggles and Humphrey Need A Home!

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have two amazing little dogs who are in search of a foster home: bonded pair Humphrey and Piggles! These two spunky and gentle hearted pooches may be elderly in age, but certainly not in spirit. Both Humphrey and Piggles love to shuffle around the playroom in search of things to investigate and explore. Humphrey is a curious dog who loves to socialize with human and dog friends. Bravery comes in all sizes, as Humphrey demonstrates every day. Despite his tiny size, he moves through life with confidence. Dogs much larger than Humphrey do not in the least intimidate this little fellow.  Cuddling is one of Humphreys all time favorite activities. There is nothing more glorious to Humphrey than a day spent napping on warm lap. Humphrey also loves gentle words of encouragement and head scratches. Piggles has a similar enthusiasm for cuddles. If she wants you to cuddle her, she will follow you around and look at you with her big imploring eyes until you give in and give her lots of cuddles. Piggles is definitely a sweat heart but she has a sassy side! Her sassy side comes out most often when other dogs (especially puppies) disturb her peace. If another dog gets too close to her while she is lounging on a blanket, Piggles will swiftly stand up, make a grumbling bark and then she will dart after the perpetrator. She obviously thinks she is quite ferocious and imposing, even though she really is a tiny dog. Both Humphrey and Piggles do not realize how fragile and vulnerable they are. I’m sure Humphrey would swear he is 50 pounds if not 100 pounds! But in truth, both he and Piggles are right around five pounds. Humphrey and Piggles both have the cutest faces. They are both have large alert eyes and pink tongues that droop from the sides of their mouths. Piggles and Humphrey have no teeth, so they have no way to keep their tongues inside their mouths. Humphrey and Piggles are both not as spry as I’m sure they were in their youth. Despite all of this, they have an unshakable confidence in their own strength and capabilities. While it is inspiring to see these vulnerable animals navigate the world with such gusto, the truth is they need protection and great care. What Humphrey and Piggles would benefit from the most right now is a home where they can get close personal supervision and care. Emerald City Pet Rescue is looking for a foster home for Humphrey and Piggles!


As I am sure you have gathered, Piggles and Humphrey are not your average dogs. They need to be treated like miniature royalty. They have certain special needs which means their care needs to be more intensive. Because of their lack of teeth, Piggles and Humphrey need to eat wet food only. Sometimes they even need to be hand fed to help with their appetite.  It is difficult for them to eat even wet food, so they feel less inspired to eat than a toothed dog. Hand feeding them will provide them the gentle nudge of encouragement they need to actually eat.

Piggles has ears prone to get dirty. Because of this, she needs ear cleanings once every other day. Along with her ear cleanings, Piggles should get her ear medicine (Mometamax) every day. Piggles has very good manners when she gets her ear cleanings and ear medicine.

Humphrey needs to get eye drops every day for his dry eyes. He gets them once a day in the morning. He is really well-behaved for his eye drops. However, for other medicines he can be more of a struggle. He had a runny nose that he was being medicated for with a liquid medicine administered orally through a syringe. He did not like this at all and would struggle when getting his medicines He is no longer on the oral medicine, but if he needs oral medicines in the future he will probably struggle.

Even more important for Humphrey is that he needs to be watched for seizures. Humphrey has had two seizures since joining ECPR. During one of his seizures, he aspirated. It is Humphrey’s seizures that make his need for a foster home so great. We want Humphrey to be in a situation where he can get more constant monitoring. Right now, the source for Humphrey’s seizures are unknown. He does have a consult with a neurologist scheduled, so hopefully we will soon have more insight into how to best help our little friend Humphrey.


The ideal home for Humphrey and Piggles would be a calm and peaceful environment. Because of their fragility, Humphrey and Piggles need a foster home without any children or rowdy animals. If Humphrey and Piggles live in a home with other animals the animals need to be calm and respectful. They need to be the type of animals that understand the importance of giving other animal’s space and respecting other animal’s boundaries.  Someone who is retired or works from home would be a wonderful fit for Humphrey and Piggles, as they need constant monitoring and supervision. Whoever fosters Humphrey and Piggles will need to commit a lot of time to their care. It would be ideal to have a foster for Humphrey and Piggles who has some medical understanding of how to react when a dog has a seizure.


Along with the absolutely delightful company of these two utterly charming pooches, fosters get the joy of caring for an animal without worrying about finances. Emerald City Pet Rescue will provide food, medicine and vetting for Piggles and Humphrey. Our foster animals go home with a foster home kit which includes two weeks worth of food, pee pads, poo bags, a leash and harness, treats, a toy and a blanket. We will refill any supplies as needed.

If you are interested in fostering these two lovely dogs, please call Emerald City Pet Rescue at: (206) 557-4661.


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