Update on Dinah!

FullSizeRenderNot long ago after officially partnering with the ASPCA, they assisted us in pulling a rescue dog from a SoCal shelter named Dinah. Dinah has had successful surgery on her injured front leg, but she keeps chewing on her bandages! This silly girl’s antics means that her foster Mama in California has had to keep bringing her back to the vet to get her leg re-bandaged. Poor Dinah, she thinks she’s made a successful escape from the confines of her leg cast and then BOOM – the bandages are mysteriously back!! This does not make her a happy girl ;). I’ll be honest though, this picture cracked me up so much! Just LOOK at that precious face!

FullSizeRender“Just an innocent trip to the vet, they said! We won’t re-cast your leg, they said!” What an adorable girl with such a funny, mischievous and sweet personality! I can’t wait until she makes her way up to Seattle so I can meet and snuggle this silly little escape artist. Her foster mother says that she is excellent at balancing on her back legs and loves to sit like a meerkat so she can observe her surrounds, always absorbing, learning from, and remembering the activities around her. What a smart little gem!

If you’d love to give little Dinah a forever home, make sure to keep an eye out right here on our blog for more updates on when she will be arriving in Seattle. Thank you, ASPCA!

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