Smokie and Dusty Still Search for Home

SandDI stepped into one of our cat rooms today with the intention of just snapping a few photos, but inevitably, I ended up lingering. My hand inched toward a feather-toy and before I could stop myself, I started waving it around. The big black cat, Dusty immediately moved toward the feather and began to stalk it. The thing I love about Dusty is how much thought he puts into the game. As a girl with two kittens at home whose attitude toward toys is “DESTROY ITTTTTT AT ALL COSTS!”, Dusty on the other hand feels that its only worth it to strike out his paw if he has a real, solid chance of catching the object. His eyes carefully dart up and down, side to side as I swish it, but only when he has the opportunity for a perfect strike does he finally take the chance – and he is usually successful in catching it.

Dusty is as friendly as he is smart. He loves to circle your ankles, he loves to get scratches behind his ears, and he will even tap you on the arm with his paw if he so desires your attention. What a character, what a special guy with such a sweet and thoughtful personality!

SandD2Dusty’s best friend for life, Smokie, is a Siamese who loves to explore all of the different smells around. Like Dusty who takes his time stalking toys, Smokie takes his time to decipher new smells around him which often means he will curiously sniff your boots, hands or pants for minutes at a time. He has the classic, curious nature of his breed, and he is quick to let you know when he wants snuggles or when he is content to just chill and observe his surroundings.

These two are a bonded pair who are searching for their forever home together. If you’re looking for two cats who are calm, sweet, friendly, somewhat playful and who will entertain you endlessly with their thoughtful, quietly curious nature, look no further than Smokie or Dusty! They currently reside at our ECPR facility in SoDo. If you would like to set up a meet and greet with these lovelies, please give us a call at 206 481 7976.

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