The Chainsmokers Visit ECPR!


CS_6Last Friday, December 4th, here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we were bustling with activity! We were so excited to receive some very awesome visitors. DJ Duo “The Chainsmokers” (You KNOW you’ve heard of the song #Selfie!) stopped by our facility with some of their loyal fans in tow to play with our precious pups!

ECPR quickly became very festive as The Chainsmokers and their crew prepared to love on our doggies. With a crowd of new people in the building, even before they had the chance to meet the new strangers, the pooches were so excited! As everyone began to file into the meet and greet room, they were practically jumping at the window for an opportunity to see what all of the fuss was about.

ECPR MollyPop quickly became the center of attention. Now here’s a dog who REALLY knows how to work a crowd with her huge size but very gentle demeanor, her perfectly polite nudge for a head-pat, and amazingly chill attitude! MollyPop made her way from person to person mesmerizing them with her St Bernard charm and of course the cameras couldn’t stop flashing with this dynamic dog as the perfect subject. MollyPop should work crowds for a living, she’s perfect at it!

CS_20Our amazing founder Vivian personally introduced Piggles and Humphrey to The Chainsmokers, and of course it was love at first sight. These two elderly pooches might not be as energetic as some of our precarious pups, but they live to be cuddled and they thoroughly enjoyed being passed from arm to arm while people instantly fell in love with them. These two senior malteses are a bonded pair and available for adoption!


CS_13This was a fantastic experience for ECPR Turbo as well, he was a bit shy when he first came to us but he has really been coming out of his shell and did excellent with all of the snuggles! He can be a bit of a jumper, but he minded his manners quite well and his sweet little face was perfect for some great camera shots! Who wouldn’t want to take Turbo home??


We feel honored that while in Seattle, The Chainsmokers chose to pay us and our pooches a visit. A good time was had by all!

Be sure to check these guys out on Spotify! Maybe the next time this awesome duo comes through Seattle, they will stop by again and meet a whole new batch of puppies! (Because let’s face it, there’s no better way to pump yourself up AND wind yourself down from playing shows than to cuddle some dog!)

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