Little London Befriends the ‘Big Kids’

This is London. He is a teeny tiny puppy.


Usually, when we get itty bitty baby puppies at the rescue, we get a whole litter of them. Several months ago we got Merci and her brood of boisterous puppies. Each one of her children was tiny, sweet and utterly precious. They got to spend their days together being rowdy and rough-and-tumbly as they dashed about and play-fought with each other.

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we recently got a new tiny puppy who is about the size of Merci’s puppies when they arrived, but little London has none of his litter mates with him. Little London doesn’t let that bring him down, he is an adaptable sort of guy. Instead of feeling lonesome, he has been tagging along with the ‘big kids.’


At first, he tried to make friends with a puppy his size. But as you can see, his new friend was no more than an inanimate object with an canine appearance. Thus, little London was once again in the position of finding a new friend.


He tried to make friends with our sweet pooch Yoyo, but Yoyo’s play style was a little bit too confrontational for London. Yoyo liked to run after London and peck at him. London had some stern words with Yoyo, making it clear how he felt about this whole chase-peck approach to play. Little puppy London needed once again to seek out friendships.

Then he met the big kids.

The big kids include some fellow puppies, but older puppies of a larger size. Some of these big kids are Larry, an adorable curly furred dog with expert cuddling abilities, Bindi Lou, an incredibly cute, floppy little lady and Astro, an good-natured pooch with a big smile.

The big kids run circles in the playroom chasing each other. Once London saw all the fun they were having, he started following them around. I could just imagine him yelling “Hey guys, wait up!” The big kids are very accepting. As long as you want to play, they want to play. So despite little London’s teeny tininess, he was accepted into the crew.


The big kid’s philosophy is basically “fun fun fun fun fun!” If someone wants to have fun with them, they are happy to include the fun seeker in their clique. So little London got to spend his day toppling, chasing, frolicking, bouncing and tumbling with the big kids.


After a long day of rough housing, the puppies like to curl up and take a nap in the sunshine.

Life is off to a good start for London, now he just needs to find his forever home!


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