Polly and Tippy: Polydactyl Princesses

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have two beautiful polydactyls. No, not pterodactyls, although working at a dinosaur rescue would be quite exciting! Polydactyls are cats with more than the average amount of toes. In Polly and Tippy’s case, it is not just their toes, they also have more than the average amount of charm!


Most cats have eighteen toes all together. Cat’s front feet have five toes, while their back feet have four. Kitty cat toes are pretty cute, so those polydactyl cats should be tremendously proud of their extra toes. Extra toes on cats is genetically inherited. Polly and Tippy are from the same house hold, so there is a good chance that these two many-toed sweeties are related somehow.

Even though Tippy and Polly both have polydactylism, their polydactylism vary from each other. Tippy’s extra toes make her look like she has adorably large feet. Polly has extra toes on the side of her front paws that make her look like she has fuzzy kitty thumbs. Polly is quite a smart cat. I can imagine her using her thumbs to do all sorts of mischievous and delightful antics such as opening things she shouldn’t in order to explore or investigate. Who knows, with her intelligence she may even be able to paint a picture or pen a novel one of these days. With Polly’s thumbs and big brain, she is well on her way to conquering the universe!

Polly is the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy. She likes to get cuddles, but on her own terms. She is the type of cat that doesn’t fall for nonsense. Sometimes when I get too cutesy-wootsy with her, I can sense her inner eyes rolling. It is like she is saying “Do you take me for a gullible fool lady!? Your cutesy voice has no power over me!” Despite this, she still puts up with me and lets me give he lots of cuddles. Sometimes, when she thinks I am not paying attention, she will even purr for me. I love Polly’s perfect mixture of independence and sweetness.


Tippy’s big, many toed paws are utterly adorable. Tippy is a brave kitty who faces the world with resilience. She always seems to have subtle look of determination glinting in her eyes. When Tippy first arrived, she was a bit under socialized. Although never aggressive, she would sometimes try to escape from my arms when I was carrying her to the playroom. She would do this with such gusto and determination, I couldn’t help but to admire her. Tippy has a kind heart, a fiery resolve and unique spirit. She is a proud, curious and lovable girl. She is a cat with the type of loyalty usually attributed to her canine counterparts.


Tippy has a best cat friend who is her bonded pair. Her bff’s name is Rodeo. Because they are bonded, they will only be adopted out together and will never be separated from each other.  Rodeo came from the same home as Tippy and Polly, but she does not have any extra toes. However, Rodeo has her own physical anomaly that also adds to her beauty. She has two different colored eyes. Tippy and Rodeo love each other so much. They make me want to be a better friend to the people I care about.

Rodeo and her beautiful eyes.

Emerald City Pet Rescue is not alone in our love of wonderful polydactyl cats. Generations of adventurous sailors looked to polydactyls as bringers of good luck. While conducting expeditions of adventure and intrigue on the high seas, sailors had their trusty companions: their lovable polydactyl cats. Polydactyl cats were considered superior ship kitties due their big paws. An average cat must daintily swipe with a normal sized paw at a mouse or rat as it scuttles past. A polydactyl can use their giant paws to immediately capture any rodent stowaways aboard their ship. A normal pawed kitty must lightly prance along the rocking ship floor, while a polydactyl cat can march with confidence! Their big paws were believed to help with balance as the ship tips and tilts over turbulent waves. I can just imagine a wind beaten sailor standing on a ship, staring fondly at the sea with Polly or Tippy at his side bringing him good luck. But of course, these kitties would do just as good a job bringing good luck to us landlubbers!

If you are interested in adding a bit of good luck to your life by the inclusion of either Polly or Tippy and Rodeo into your loving home, call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4661.

(Source for info about polydactyl cats: Moss, Laura. “11 Things You Didn’t Know about Polydactyl Cats.” Mother Nature Network. Narrative Content Group, 16 Sept. 2015. Web. 3 Jan. 2016. <http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mnn.com%2Ffamily%2Fpets%2Fstories%2F11-thing-didnt-know-polydactyl-cats>.)

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