Fantastic Mr. Foxley

The animal care staff at Emerald City Pet Rescue sometimes gets in goofy moods where we like to give the animals silly voices and have them say things to us. Feisty Fiona might say something like “Hey, lady! I see you are preparing breakfast! Hurry along and give me mine.” Or strong-willed Piggles may say to a passing puppy “Get off my lawn, you rascal!” (In this case, the metaphorical ‘lawn’ is Piggles cozy blanket that she loves to curl up on.) Different staff members interpret the animal’s voices in different ways. Whereas one person may give Yoyo a gruff voice when he demands cuddles, another person may give him a high-pitched voice. However, there is one dog that always has the same voice: Foxley. He always talks in a refined tone with a slight British accent. He is not just Foxley, he is Mr. Foxley and he kindly asks you to cuddle him.


Our guy Foxley is quite the character. His big, bulgy eyes and his tiny, round head always gives him an expression of slightly worried bemusement. The way he prances around the playroom, like he is a little king, gives him an air of absolute confidence, but then he will turn his face toward you. In his big eyes, you can see he has more insecurities then his confident gait lets on. Since Foxley is cute, little and has such a vulnerable expression on his face, it is easy to want to indulge him and baby him. But whoever adopts Foxley will have to be careful about setting boundaries for this little guy. He sometimes acts naughty. Mainly he will behave in a grumpy manner or he will become toy possessive. What Foxley needs is someone who not only adores his sweetness, but someone who will work with him using positive training methods. This way, he will understand what his people want from him. Sometimes little dogs are allowed to get away with naughty behavior. After all, they are so cute and small. What damage could they possibly create? But little dogs will feel far more accomplished and confident if they are rewarded for their good behavior. Training your dog is a good way to provide enrichment in your dog’s life and to build a relationship of mutual respect.


In the morning, when Foxley is ready to come out of his kennel, he leaps into my arm, like a confident little dancer, completely assured that I will catch him. I am glad for his faith in me, but his gusto for getting out of his kennel always wakes me up in the morning if my coffee didn’t do the job. It is similar when it is time for him to go back in his kennel for breakfast. I’ll call his name and he will look over at me with is big-eyed, concerned expression. But then he will trot over to me and hop toward my outstretched arms. Once he is in my arms, he likes to sit in an upright position. He then brings his two front legs toward his body with his paws arched down like he is a little t-rex or kangaroo.


My favorite charming quality about Mr. Foxley is his absolute delight in playtime. What he loves best is when a person friend throws him a toy to go chase. Foxley’s method of convincing people to play with him is a lesson in the importance of resilience. I will see Foxley work on a new volunteer for a while before the new volunteer even realizes the little guy is courting them into playtime. With a toy in his mouth, Foxley marches over to whoever he thinks would be the most likely person to throw him a toy. He drops the toy in front of their feet and looks up at them with big, imploring eyes. If they don’t notice him right away, he lets out a small bark, both polite and demanding. Once the person looks down and sees little Foxley staring up at him with a toy between their feet and his paws, Foxley has succeeded. He has got the person wrapped around his paw and playtime can commence! The person will give the toy a good toss, and Foxley is off like a rocket ship! He goes dashing after the toy as it whizzes through the air. He darts past the spry puppies and larger dogs with their long legs and reaches his treasured toy. Then, with a jaunty gait, he marches back to his new person friend for more playtime.

If you want to be Foxley’s person friend and are interested in adopting this fun loving fellow, please call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4357. With Foxley’s quirky nature and love of sweet antics, he makes the most wonderful dog friend!

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