DailyECPR : A Happy Ending for Dinah

Dinah-3Dinah is a special girl in all of the hearts of ECPR staff and volunteers. Our first ASPCA-assisted pull, Dinah had a broken leg from a past accident that did not heal properly, but her spirit was far from broken. Dinah charmed hearts from the moment we learned of her existence. Her sweet, playful, optimistic disposition was inspirational and filled with positive energy.

We arranged for Dinah to receive surgery to fix her broken leg, and even being limited to the use of only three legs while her newly-set bones were healing didn’t slow her down in the least.

When Dinah was well enough to be flown to Seattle from California, her previous foster mom missed her very much and wanted updates. (It’s impossible not to get attached to this precious face!)

In the playroom, Dinah immediately made friends here at our facility, both human and canine alike. She was only here a short while before yet another person fell in love with her precious spirit, and a few days ago, our precious Dinah went to her forever home!

Dinah-2It’s always bittersweet when those extra-special animals move on from needing our help and find that happy ending they deserve. We will miss her, but she truly deserves a warm bed to snuggle in, parents who cuddle her every day and a place to call ‘Home.’

Special thanks to the ASPCA for helping bring this girl into our lives, she will always be treasured in our hearts, and we are so glad that this strong spirit who was never broken even when her bones were now has all the love she has always deserved and more!

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