DailyECPR : Sunshine-y Day!

With winter taking over Seattle, we are often left to cope with coat-worthy chill, dreary grey skies and lots of west coat rain! While I can’t deny that I prefer this weather over the bitter, painful cold of the midwest or blizzards that pile snow up so high that people are unable to drive their cars out of their driveways without an afternoon of hard labor shoveling, it can still entice us to want to stay indoors which can get tough because all living things are biologically designed to want to be outdoors. (Not to mention the natural vitamin D we get from basking in the sunlight!)

IMG_1761.JPGWhen we have a rare winter day here in Seattle where the rain is nonexistent and the sun actually has room to peek out through the clouds and shine down some warmth on us, it’s not only the human beings at Emerald City Pet Rescue that feel elated.

Our precious pooches are fortunate to be able to spend their days out in our indoor playroom along with our staff so they can develop social skills and manners as well as enjoy some good old-fashioned playtime to burn their energy and satisfy their curiosity. Still, on days when the rain is heavy, it is difficult to get them out on daily walks. When we have those rare winter sunshine days, we try to take full advantage of them and get as many dogs walked as possible, as often as possible! The sunlight makes patterns on the floor of the playroom as it shines through the windows, and we will turn around and see several of the dogs all in a neat, organized line right in the path of the sunlight. They are unusually calm, their eyes half closed as their little faces take on expressions of pure bliss.

Today, little Lily (employee-owned pooch who loves to hang out in the playroom during the day) was so excited about the sunshine that she took it upon herself to hop up on Erica’s back, without even asking, as Erica crouched down to say hello to another dog. Silly Lily! She just figured Erica’s back was a prime spot to enjoy the shining sun and she wasn’t shy about taking advantage of that!

When we take dogs out on their walks, their excitement seems to exude through their entire bodies. Even though they should know better (sometimes, haha!) they tug on the leash as their little legs zoom forward on the sidewalk. “C’MON, FASTER, FURTHER! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT! WEEEEEEE!” Sunshine lifts the spirits of even the shiest of our dogs, and their gratitude rubs off on their human companions as well. (None of us can watch the dogs all get in such good moods and not feel the same way!)

Now if only the weather stays this nice throughout the whole upcoming weekend…. cross your fingers for us, okay? The animals would love it SO MUCH!


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