DailyECPR : Zorro and Chloe are Heroes

ZorroYesterday (Thursday, January 15th) one of our amazing ECPR staff members went down to Seattle Animal Shelter to pick up two very special kitties and bring them into our rescue. After hearing their story, our hearts went out to them immediately and we just knew we had to step in and help.

Chloe is a five year old precious little girl, and Zorro is a 12 year old magnificent, refined Prince with diabetes who needs insulin shots daily, but is otherwise in good health. They have been together since Chloe was a small kitten and they are very dedicated to each other, such a wonderful bonded pair!

Chloe and Zorro loved their human very, very much. Unfortunately, she suffered from a long-time illness, but these two amazing little gems were an immense source of comfort for her, staying by her side day and night while she fought her disease up until the moment she passed on.

ChloeThe amount of comfort and dedication that animals show their humans is always inspirational, but to know that these two dedicated themselves so fully to being a dependable source of comfort for their person while she struggled in that way shows what amazing, compassionate spirits these two beautiful souls have. We at ECPR are equally as dedicated to making sure they find a new forever home where they will be loved, cherished and appreciated for their exemplary courage, loyalty and compassion.

If you feel you are able and willing to open your heart and home to these very precious little felines and you have the desire to provide them with as much unconditional love as they show to others, please give us a call at 206 557 4661 so we can set up a meet and greet.

2 thoughts on “DailyECPR : Zorro and Chloe are Heroes

  1. Hey guys, it’s Tito!
    I’ve been with my new Mommy 24 hrs now. I give her lots of kisses because I like her and my new house. My mommy says I’m Too skinny so she made me scrambled eggs for breakfast. I think I’m in heaven! She also froze some peanut butter and gave me a tasty snack. I’ve pottied outside like a good boy. Thank you for taking good care of me until my mommy found me.



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