DailyECPR: Sweetie Pie, Friend to All

Everyone who meets Sweetie Pie immediately adores this amazing lil’ gal. I remember the first time I met her. I walked into work, and there she was with a giant grin on her face. Sweetie Pie has one of the most amazing dog smiles in all the world. Take a look at this girl’s pearly whites:


Oh Sweetie Pie! It is impossible to resist her charms. It is not just her smile, it is her personality. Everything about her is so admirable and awe-inspiring. She is resilient, strong and loving. She came to ECPR with scars as indicators of past traumas. But whatever she may have experienced, it did not damper her true sweet spirit and the love in her heart. Despite any adversities she has faced, she takes pleasure in the beauties of life like getting cuddles from a friend, playing or finding interesting things to smell.

Playing fetch is Sweetie Pie’s all-time favorite activity.  When she sees a toy in a hand, all of her attention is on that toy. She is on the edge of her seat, anticipating when that hand will lift and that toy will go soaring through the air for her to bound after! When it comes to toys, you have to be a little careful with Sweetie Pie. Her enthusiasm for toys sometimes leads to the destruction of said toy. She merrily chews on the toy until it is little more than broken scraps. We’ve learned our lesson and now only give her the most indestructible of toys.


Sweetie Pie has been raved about on this blog before, but she is a dog that deserves multiple proclamations of her greatness. The entire ECPR staff views Sweetie Pie as one of our close friends. Sweetie Pie has taught us to be braver and kinder. You can just see in her sweet face that she is full of the perfect combination of doggy wisdom and doggy joy.


The day is brighter when Sweetie Pie is around. Not only is it brighter, but sometimes the day is filled with rainbows when Sweetie Pie is around.


Yesterday, during the off-and-on rain downpours, I took my pal Sweetie Pie outside. Low and behold, there was a beautiful rainbow arched across the sky. Sweetie Pie is definitely the type of dog that rainbows would appear in the sky for, so I wasn’t too surprised at the rainbow sighting, but I definitely was excited! Sweetie Pie and I marveled at the rainbow together.

But, it started to rain again so Sweetie Pie and I went back to the cozier haven of the indoors. I gave her some chin scratches and we had a good laugh together.


There is really no better way to spend a day then with a pal as wonderful as Sweetie Pie! I am sure that if I continue spending time with Sweetie Pie, there will be many more rainbows and smiles in my future!


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