DailyECPR : Ellis Enters the Inner Circle

IMG_0062At ECPR, we love one of our chihuahuas, Fiona, dearly. She is such a lady, in fact, that she is extremely selective on whom she chooses to allow in to her inner circle. To win this little lady’s trust is to win the golden chalice, the holy grail, the hope diamond even! It takes months of patience to convince her that you are worthy, but once you finally manage to convince her that you are worthy of her esteemed and coveted affections, your life will never be the same.

Up until very recently, this precious tiny princess loved exactly four people. Those specially chosen staff members would be greeted by this little lady with an enthusiastic wiggle of her butt, adorable nose-to-nose touches, and her favorite thing of all-time, being cuddled inside of a hoodie with only her little head sticking out.

Today I witnessed a miracle. I witnessed a fifth member of our wonderful kennel staff, Ellis, finally win Miss Fiona‘s approval! Fiona not only allowed Ellis to pick her up, but she snuggled with him, she bumped noses with him, and she allowed herself to relax in his arms as if she was born to be there.

That is the wonderful thing about dogs who are a bit wary of strangers; once you finally win their affections, you truly understand just how special you are to them! To see our little Fiona finally starting to open up to more people, to reach past her previous limits of comfort and to allow new people to show her how loving they are and how much they want to protect and cuddle her is like witnessing a true miracle, right before our eyes.

IMG_0065I can’t imagine the day with this very special little one will trust me enough to cuddle her close, but watching Ellis finally cross that threshold with her not only gives me hope that one day she will snuggle in my hoodie, but also a renewed sense of enthusiasm for being her advocate even moreso than we already are, for really working to find her that extra-special adopter who is willing to spend time with her until they, too, win her affections and then suddenly finding themselves with a dog who has an incredible amount of love and devotion to them. A dog like her is a rare find, a diamond in the rough as Aladdin would say!

If you think you have the patience and the extra-special tender heart that Fiona is holding out for and so greatly desires, please give us a call at 206 557 4661 to set up a time to meet this little lady and convince her that you’re her one-and-only!

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