DailyECPR: Home Sweet Home for Doc Sweet Doc

One of our beloved sweethearts is going home! Congratulations to Doc! Doc has the charmingly round and happy face expected to only exist on cartoon dogs. Whenever I look at Doc to see his smile and gleaming eyes, I can’t help to be happy. The staff at ECPR sure is going to miss this fellow. But it will not just be the humans who will miss Doc’s sweet presence. The dogs will miss him too. But for an unexpected reason…. Doc’s tail!


Doc’s tail is very much sought after. It is long with flowy fur…. a beautiful tail, and more importantly, a comfortable tail!

It looks like, despite leaving soft blankets around the playroom for our dog friends to lounge on, some of them would rather lounge on Doc’s tail. Doc, being an easy going and generous sort of dog seemed not to mind allowing his dog friends to find a comfortable spot on his tail.


First it was sweet Chihuahua Tiger. Tiger is obviously a resourceful little dog. When all the blanket spots are claimed by the others, Tiger does not give up in the search to find a comfortable spot.


After Doc leaves, Tiger will have no trouble using his imaginative, problem solving skills to find a variety of interesting spots to sit. On other occasions (when doc’s tail was unavailable, presumably because Doc was using it himself to wag) Tiger has found plenty of creative spots to sit. He may not be too interested in chasing toys, but he sure loves to sit on them.

Every once in a while, I suspect our guy Tiger will even (reluctantly) sit on an actual blanket intended for lounging purposes.

Tiger hesitates before committing to actually using a blanket to relax upon

Later, I found Blueberry sitting on Doc’s tail. Blueberry knows a good thing when he sees it! Probably, he saw Tiger sitting on Doc’s luxurious tail and thought, “I sure would like to sit there! It looks cozy.” Once he found an opportunity, he seized it! His opportunity came in the form of Doc taking a nap, thus his glorious tail was free.

Blueberry will have an easier time readjusting to the absence of Doc and his tail. Blueberry seems to have a greater enjoyment for traditional sitting spots, such as this blanket he shared with London.


Now that Doc has his new home, I am sure his new family will love his fabulous tail just as much as Doc’s doggy friends at the rescue! And I bet they will appreciate his beautiful face and loving nature even more!


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