DailyECPR : Our Event at Umpqua Bank

IMG_0133On Saturday (January 23, 2016) myself, my awesome co-worker Bethany and three super-amazing volunteers headed out to set up a table for ECPR at Umpqua Bank on Capitol Hill. It was a bit of a rainy day, which meant it was the perfect day for people to run errands. What better surprise than to walk into a bank and see PUPPIES!? Animals are fantastic like that, they have this uncanny ability to take a mundane, rainy Saturday and turn it into metaphorical confetti.

IMG_0147The adoptable pups we brought with us were absolute charmers, working their mojo extra hard to make sure that every person who came into the bank left with a smile.  ECPR’s always-adorable Cocoa is basically an expert at events. His calm demeanor, sweet loving eyes and heart-melting head tilts provoked a steady chorus of “aww” ‘s as he was happily passed from arm to arm. How this little boy hasn’t been adopted yet is a mystery to me, but he’s so easy to fall in love with that I have no doubt he’ll be curling up on the couch in his new forever home to give love and companionship to his people sooner than I can say “Adopt him before I do!”


IMG_0141We also brought along Little London! As he is just a baby, being exposed to different environments and meeting all kinds of new people is very important for his social development. He was such a good boy though, eager to give hand kisses to everyone who wanted to meet him and just as quick to fall asleep in our arms as he was to bounce around happily when new people wanted to tell him how adorable he is. Gotta love how puppies “batteries” can so quickly go from 100% to 0%!

We discovered that London is still learning to walk on a leash and doesn’t love the rain, but he was a brave little guy anyway and tried his best. When he came back to the bank from his short walk, he demanded to be wrapped up in a towel so he could remind all who met him that he desires to be a pampered pooch. But let’s be honest…. who wouldn’t pamper this little guy?

IMG_0130Thank you so much to Umpqua Bank for having us! We had a great time brightening people’s days and spreading the word about Emerald City Pet Rescue to the neighborhood animal lovers. As a rescue, we make it a goal and a priority to help the community as much as we’re helping the animals. Pet ownership doesn’t only provide an animal with a secure home, but they in turn provide their owners with love, entertainment, inspiration, and comfort in immeasurable amounts.

A special thanks to the volunteers who helped out at this event, fun was definitely had by all!

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