DailyECPR : The Inspiration of a Kind Gesture

More often than not the wonderful moments in life come in small packages; a hug right when you are feeling lonely, a kind word when you’re having a gloomy day, or a kind gesture out of nowhere from someone who expects nothing in return. These are the moments that, as individuals, sustain us, inspire us, and keep our spirits up as we fight to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Especially working in rescue, we hear a lot of sad stories and see with our own eyes the results of abuse and tragedy, but we live for the moments that follow that are filled with happiness. We live for the sunny day that can emerge out of the grey. We do what we do always hoping that every single dog that we are able to save gets our final goodbye only when they lay down for the first time with their new forever family and walk nose-first into the Happily Ever After they deserve.

One of our employees was recently at Costco picking up some supplies, and often when this employee runs errands he wears our awesome ECPR T-shirts and hoodies.

(T-shirts, hoodies and more are available at our store either online OR at our retail store and all profits go back to the rescue! We currently have BRAND NEW clothing designed in-house by our own Morgan Milano!)

A wonderful woman approached our employee and asked if he was picking up supplies for our rescue. Then, out of nowhere, she graciously handed him a fifteen dollar donation.

IMG_0191How inspiring that even when we are not promoting our pets at themed events, someone who simply happens across one of our employees possesses such kindness in her heart that she is willing to support the rescue and the pets we hold dear. We do everything we can for these pets but without the generosity of others we would not be able to save nearly as many. Every time we curl a rescued animal into our safe arms, their faces tell us how grateful they are for what we do – and when I say we, I don’t just mean ECPR but also people like this wonderful woman who not only contribute to help feed and house our rescues, but whose selfless, generous acts allow dogs like Sweetie Pie to get the medical care they need.

Thank you, anonymous stranger, for your kindness and for caring about Sweetie Pie and all of her friends so much that you were willing to give us your generosity today. Your monetary contribution will help them receive care and the kindness of your gesture will live on through these animals lives forever.

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