DailyECPR: Brilliant and Boisterous Brody Finds a Kindred Spirit

Everyone needs a good friend, even if the friendship is destined to only last a short while. Brody, our adorable Pomeranian, a joyful fuzz ball if there ever was one, learned how special a fleeting friendship can be. It all started when Brody met Frosty. Friends that you have for a long portion of your life can be very meaningful, but sometimes a friend you have for even an afternoon can be invaluable. For Frosty and Brody, their friendship lasted more like a week.


Brody arrived at Emerald City Pet Rescue before Frosty came along. Brody is an amazing dog. He is a gentle pooch with the softest red coat I have ever felt. He is absolutely adorable! Basically, he is a teddy bear fox… a child’s stuffed animal come to life. Brody has the perfect combination of cuddle bug, level ten snuggling skills mixed with an independent spirit. He has an intelligent and curious spark to him that makes him very capable of being entertained on his own. But if you want to cuddle you better believe that he wants to cuddle too! And Brody wants to cuddle with everyone, because he is the type of dog who assumes the best out of everyone he meets. One of the best things about Brody is his joy for life. His giddy demeanor and jolly embrace of all the world has to offer is downright contagious!


Brody has always been a very playful little fellow. Sometimes in the morning when I attempt to gather him for his morning breakfast, he misinterprets my intentions. He thinks I want to play with him! Instead of coming to me obediently, he looks at me with a mischievous sparkle in his eye and he starts darting around, teasing me to catch him. He wags his tail and darts to my right! He prances and darts to my left! And finally I catch him.


Before Frosty came to Emerald City Pet Rescue, Brody would be happy to play with anyone. Different days, he would play with different dogs, different humans and different toys, depending on who was available and ready to play. Brody loves to dash and dart around the room with a jaunty skip in his step. He loves to frolic, prance and have an overall rollicking good time engaged in various forms of play. But it wasn’t till he met Frosty that he met his playmate kindred spirit. These two sweet dogs had an instantaneous connection. As soon as Brody saw Frosty, it was like he knew they were meant to be friends. Frosty liked Brody and Brody loved Frosty. Brody thought of Frosty as the cool new kid. Like most friendships that form at rapid speed, these two dogs have an essential similarity in their personalities. They both have the same sunny, happy-go-lucky outlook on life. Frosty and Brody are all puppy smiles and tail wags.


Whenever Frosty and Brody were in a room together, they spend the time enjoying each other’s company. They scampered and tumbled with each other. They turned every moment with each other into an opportunity for friskiness and playful antics. But Brody’s shining opinion of Frosty was not his alone. Frosty effortlessly charmed his way into a forever family. So after being a beloved member of ECPR for a very short time, Frosty was off to his new home! Brody and Frosty had to say a bittersweet good-bye to each other.


In the end, the two pooches were only friends for about a week. But just because it was a short friendship, does not mean it wasn’t a valuable friendship. The two dogs provided hours of joy for each other. They connected with each other and wasted no time forming a friendship. So Brody and Frosty won’t grow old together. They won’t sit on a park bench, watching birds, as familiar smells waft through the air and remind them of their puppyhood. But their lives were enriched by their friendships. And who knows… maybe someday after Brody finds his forever home, he will go on a walk when ahead of him walking his way he will see a familiar white dog…. His old pal Frosty! The two old friends will have a brief but joyful reunion before they part ways and head back to their happy lives with their forever families.

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