DailyECPR: The Old and the Beautiful

Sometimes, the dog playroom at Emerald City Pet Rescue can be like a doggie soap opera. Motty and Pnachito dislike Buddha so they proceed to air their disagreements through a display of snarling bravado. Angelina and Foxley are obvious sworn enemies, as every time they see each other they give each other the evil eye before grumbles and barks ensue! Rascal feels amorous toward Molly, but Molly does not reciprocate his feelings. In these moment, the drama is high! But most of the time, the playroom at ECPR is much more of an after-school-special, where all the animals teach us humans important life lessons. No one does this better than our brigade of sassy seniors.

Elderly dogs really are the best. Their years of being a dog in this world have given them an increased gentleness, an even greater capacity to love, and a special canine sort of wisdom.

One of our old gals is named Colette. She has big ears, scruffy fur and expressive brown eyes. She is a lovable lady who always wants to cuddle. Before Colette arrived here, she suffered a trauma to her jaw and back. She has a crooked back and a misaligned jaw due to these previous injuries. Whatever led to these injures must have been an awful experience. But Colette does not let these past experiences affect her sunny disposition. Colette may have every reason to be bitter and distrustful, but instead, she is full of love and just wants to be friends. She is an inspiring dog who knows the importance of embracing the beauty and wonder in life despite experiences in her past that could have easily taught her the opposite.

Another one of our pretty old ladies is…Lady! Lady is an 18 year old dog with soft, pale yellow fur. Lady doesn’t have the hearing she once did and her vision is a bit blurry. The world isn’t as clearly perceivable as it once was, which means she is often surprised. She doesn’t have the normal cues that the rest of us have (hearing someone, or seeing them come our way). But she handles being startled with grace and kindness. She will jump, but never will she snap or snarl. If Lady had it her way, she probably would want to spend her senior years with a family of her own. She would want to spend her time as an elderly dog in a cozy home full of sunlight and soft places for her to rest. She would want her very own people to cuddle and love on her. But Lady is amazing and is full of appreciation for all the staff members and volunteers at ECPR that give her cuddles. She may not have her one special person, but she has lots of people who want to love and appreciate her. So instead of being down that she does not have her special family yet, she is stoic, and full of doggy grins and tail wags when she gets cuddles from one of us, even if we startled her in the process of giving her cuddles.

We don’t just have old ladies, we have older gentlemen too. Rascal is currently on a diet to help with his plump physique. But now, with his large size, he reminds me of a well fed summer bear lumbering around the playroom.  Rascal is one of our senior boys, and he has a mischievous, rascally side that more than lives up to his name. Like all true rascals, his mischief is all sweetness. He is curious, especially about other dogs. He likes to be friends with everyone he meets. His genuine eagerness to befriend everyone he meets is a good reminder for us humans to appreciate all the interesting and amazing individuals out there in the world, both human to canine!


If you love old dogs too, Collette, Lady and Rascal aren’t our only members of the sweet oldies group. We have Jules and Orlenes, a bonded pair of senior long haired Chihuahuas who are both sweet and lovable. We have Tweet, another older Chihuahua who will be the loyalist friend you will ever have. We have Fiona, an amazing little dog who takes a while to warm up, but when she does, she is the most charming of little pooches. In the playroom, we set up a safe and cozy corner of the room for our seniors. The ECPR kennel staff call it the senior center.


Not only are our old dogs cute, but they are extremely lovable animals who deserve to spend their days in a forever home. After all, everyone should spend their golden years pampered and lavished will love and appreciation.

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