DailyECPR: Grand Gidget: What a Girl!

Sometimes, Gidget likes to pretend she is a cat. In the playroom, she will find a sun spot, glowing with warmth and possibility. It is Gidget’s preference that all sun spots in the playroom be accompanied by a soft blanket draped over said sunspot. After evaluating the sun spot from afar, Gidget will prance over, give a look of approval, and then indulge in her ‘cat-side.’ She gracefully stretches out on the sun drenched blanket, then she rolls around indulgently, the sun rays making her fur look extra golden.

Gidget’s approach to sunshine-appreciation is not her only kitty like feature. She also has an independent streak similar to the typical cat. Although she loves people and loves cuddles, she also likes to spend a certain amount of time on the peripheral of the action, observing the world around her. Just like a cat, Gidget can sometimes be standoffish with new people. But unlike the average cat, her standoffishness does not derive from aloofness, but rather from shyness and insecurity. She likes to feel comfortable with people before she cozies-up to them. She just needs to be understood, and to be approached with gentleness.

After Gidget has rolled around in her sun spot, she likes to just lounge and daydream. Until we learn how to accurately translate doggy language into coherent English, it is impossible to know what Gidget dreams about, but one can presume. Most likely, she has daydreams both grand and small. Her grand daydreams probably include going on adventures! Maybe she dreams of going on trips to the sea or the forest where she can smell all the interesting things like seaweed and pine needles and strange animals she does not get to see in the city. Or she has smaller dreams of wandering neighborhoods. On her daydreamed walks she probably smells flowers, watches birds and feels the fresh breeze in her fur. Walks can be scary sometimes, but surely in her daydreams, her walks are never scary because she is walking with a trusted person by her side. Some of Gidgets daydreamed adventures are probably very small indeed. Because sometimes the best adventures are the kind that include relaxing on the couch and getting head scratches. All of Gidgets daydreams can come true once she finds her forever home.


Since Gidget has arrived at Emerald City Pet Rescue, she has seen some of her doggy peers that came after she did already find their forever home. If Gidget was prone to morose wanderings of the mind, something like this could really bring her down. But Gidget is stoic, clam and patient. Maybe she has had to wait a little longer for her forever home, but good things come to those who wait. Gidget knows the forever home she has always daydreamed about exists out there. Gidget is doing her part (waiting patiently and being all around sweet and lovable). Now she just needs her future forever family to pick up the phone, call Emerald City Pet Rescue (at (206) 557 4661) and set up a meet and greet with grand Gidget!

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