DailyECPR : Farewell, Furry Friends!

Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, it’s literally impossible for us employees to not get attached to all of the amazing animals that stay at our facility. Helping these precious critters find their forever homes is and always has been our goal and our passion, but it’s a bit bittersweet when we have to say goodbye to them for the last time. Still, we take comfort and pride in knowing that ECPR was their last stop before finding a forever family that will love and care for them for the rest of their lives.

London-HomecheckThis week, ECPR staff has said “goodbye, and congratulations!” to a few very special critters who found their dream come true; forever homes.

We gave little London one last kiss before he was taken to his new Mommy. I tried not to cry with both happiness for him, and a bit of sadness because I will miss his sweet little face.

London came to us at just a few months old after spending most of the earliest days of his life in a vet’s office. This little chiweenie was a love-bug for sure, and he also had a very playful, mischievous side. Unfortunately, sometimes his mischievousness was mistaken for shyness. When you would reach down to pick him up, he sometimes liked to dart away from people but it was just his way of playing! Once London is in your arms, he melts like butter. He has been known, on several occasions, to fall asleep while being held within minutes. We were surprised it took him a handful of weeks to find his forever home because he is such an adorable, precious puppy but the wait is always well worth it! This lucky little boy found his special someone and although he will be missed, we are all so glad that he gets to grow up loved, safe, and with a couch to call his own :).

Humphrey-Homecheck1A few months ago, we were introduced to the lovely and precious Humphrey and Piggles, two elderly malteses. They are quite the characters! Both of them are toothless, so their tongues hang freely out of the sides of their mouths.

It was impossible not to fall in love with them instantly. Humphrey, despite his age, still has a puppy’s energy and curiosity. He always wants to be in on the action, despite the fact that he is a bit fragile he would bark and complain and even beg to be out with the rest of the dogs in the playroom. He never wanted to miss out! The moment you pick him up he instantly relaxes though, as if his plan all along was to be right in your arms.

The ECPR staff had a habit of LOVINGLY teasing Piggles, referring to her as “The elderly woman in a rocking chair on her porch yelling at the kids to not step on her begonias.” Piggles’ favorite activity is SLEEP! This tiny little lady can spend all day curled up on a blanket, or on a couch, or in a lap and be completely content.

Our hearts really go out to our elderly pets and we want so much for them to be able to find that forever home for them to spend their last years in. Sometimes it’s a bit tough to adopt out these precious guys and gals because people know they are in their later years and hesitate to love and get attached to them only to lose them quicker than if they adopted a younger dog. I don’t think it would be fair to say that the elderly pets are more deserving than any other pet, but I can say with fairness and honesty that it pulls at our heartstrings to find those special adopters that are willing to open their heart and home to the elderly guys no matter how much time they ultimately may have with them.

Not long ago, Piggles and Humprehy, who have been with us for a while, were offered a wonderful foster home with an amazing ECPR volunteer. That in itself was fantastic news, but then this week Humphrey had a meet and greet that resulted in a permanent, forever home! We had to say goodbye to this goofy little guy for the last time, but we were so happy that someone loves him enough to provide everything he needs and more for the rest of his precious life. Go Humphrey!

There were other critters that found their forever homes this week; the havanese bonded pair Manny and Sassy left today, and Molly the poodle! Lily, my own chorkie, will miss Molly terribly. When Molly arrived, Lily decided that they would be best friends and every time I would bring Lily into the playroom she followed Molly around adoringly. Lily made Molly feel special while she was here, but now Molly has a permanent home and a new forever family so I assured Lily there would be more dogs on their way who need her to be a great “welcome wagon” and that Molly would not forget her!

I will head home today with a full heart, knowing that this wonderful rescue has helped all of these animals that we grow to love so quickly to find the happiness they deserve, all thanks to my wonderful co-workers and amazing boss and ECPR founder, Vivian Goldbloom.
Love really does save lives!

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