DailyECPR: Yoyo: Springing into Action, Bouncing into our Hearts

Yoyo is one adorable moppet of a dog with his big brown eyes and shaggy fur. When Yoyo first arrived at Emerald City Pet Rescue, I thought “What a peculiar name for a dog!” It is fun to say, and I am personally a fan of animal names with repeated sounds, but I’ve never heard of Yoyo as a name before. Were we going to get more animals with nostalgic childhood toy-themed names: Hula Hoop the Pomeranian or Pick-up-sticks the terrier? But Yoyo’s name became clear once I saw him in action. That boy likes to bounce! He doesn’t just hop a few times, he repeatedly boings. Up and down he springs like a true yoyo.


What usually triggers Yoyo to act like a yoyo is his enthusiasm for food. If he is in the playroom and hears that beautiful sound of doggy kibble chiming against a metal bowl, he is likely to go into ‘bounce mode.’ We have a solid gate dividing the playroom from the kennel room. While in the kennel room preparing food, it is not an uncommon sight to see Yoyo’s fuzzy head briefly peeking over the gate while he bounces. It is pretty cute to see his ears flopping in the air as he bounces! It is equally adorable to see his eyes big and excited with anticipation as he thinks about his upcoming meal.


Yoyo is an amazing dog. He is cute, playful, curious and brave. Recently, Yoyo had to get surgery to remove a lump on his torso. Surgery is scary for anyone, but imagine how poor Yoyo felt. He was whisked away to the vet with no coherent explanation. Sure, he was told that everything was going to be okay and that he was a good boy, but he didn’t really know what was going on. Luckily, Yoyo is brave with a strong constitution and faith in the people that love him. Yoyo has recovered from his surgery and is healthy and full of plucky enthusiasm. His bouncing had to be stifled for a bit while he recovered. It was kennel rest only for our Yoyo. But you can’t keep a yoyo still for too long, and our Yoyo is back to bouncing.


Another thing amazing about Yoyo is his cute curly tail. His tail spells out 1/4th of his name. Take a look for yourself:


Today, Yoyo and I went on a walk together. It was pouring rain for most of the day, but the sun broke through long enough for Yoyo and I to get some fresh-aired enjoyment!


It was an eventful walk! Yoyo and I saw hundreds of birds! They must have had the same idea as us: they were taking advantage of the break in the rainstorm. Yoyo and I enjoyed listening to their merry chirps and trills.

Yoyo found the most amazing, fascinating and wonderful bush!!! He decided he must conquer and explore the bush. Yoyo can be a bit stubborn and when he sees something he wants to investigate, he is full of determination and grit.


We met our pal and fellow ECPR dog Panchito also enjoying the break in rain for a midday stroll. The two dogs said a doggy ‘hello’ before parting ways and continuing on their walks.


My favorite part of the walk was when we saw a beautiful rainbow!

Yoyo, being a dog with the capability to only see yellow, blue and gray was not impressed. Yoyo’s favorite part of the walk was smelling everything!


While I enjoyed the beauty of the rainbow, I felt a little sorry for Yoyo. He didn’t get to appreciate how glorious a colorful rainbow can be. But then, witnessing the way he relished the smells of the world, I knew he would probably feel sorry for me if he knew I couldn’t do the same. To him, the smell of a plant tells a complicated story. While for me, even if my nose was pressed up against it, it would probably only smell vaguely of plant matter. Thus the only story deriving from the plant’s smell would be the obvious, that it is a plant that I am smelling. So even though Yoyo and I find different things to appreciate in the world, we always appreciate the fun we have together on walks. Now my buddy Yoyo just needs his forever family so he can take amazing walks everyday with his amazing people! If you think Yoyo may be the walking companion you have always wanted, call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4661.

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