DailyBlog : Josephine Finds Her Forever Home!

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we rescue dogs with all sorts of different challenges. Sometimes their challenges are physical whether it be paralysis, ACL, or vision or hearing loss and sometimes the challenges are emotional, fear that lingers from past abuse and/or neglect.

Josie-1Several months ago, we rescued an adorable terrier mix named Josephine. She is rather young, we estimated her to be about two years old. When Josie trusts you, she is a calm, sweet cuddle bug who wants to be in your arms for hours at a time. The challenge is that you have to work hard to earn Miss Josie’s trust.

Josie was found wandering the streets of Sacremento with a puppy in tow. She and her puppy, Napoleon, were flown to Seattle and brought to our facility. Josie, a lhasa apso mix, was naturally protective of Napoleon (what mother isn’t?) but a very sweet dog. As Napoleon was of age we separated them into different kennels so they could begin to get some space from each other. Soon after arriving, Napoleon got a contract and was adopted!

Josie-2Unfortunately with her puppy now gone, Josie began feeling protective over other things and even displayed some signs of depression. We didn’t blame her in the least. From her point of view, her puppy disappeared forever and she didn’t understand why. She began guarding the door to the playroom and was very wary of others. Our staff, lead by our on-site trainer designed a plan to help Josie through the rough transition of arriving at the rescue and then losing her pup by creating a routine of positive reinforcement. It was such a special moment when a staff member finally earned Josie’s trust. You know what they say, earning the adoration of a guarded heart is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Meet and greets with potential adopters were a challenge for our little Josie because she does not bound up to strangers and show them all her love at once. We understood; she was holding out for the perfect adopter, one who understood her sensitive little heart and had the patience, experience and desire to build a relationship with her, earn her trust, and really show her that a Happily Ever After was something she truly deserved. Several people came to meet her over the months she has been with us but no one was quite the right fit –

Josie-3Until now! We are so excited to announce that this special little bundle of fluff has found her perfect match, her forever home, her Happily Ever After.

At ECPR, we get excited about all adoptions of course but when a pup like Josephine who is sweet as pie to those that have gotten to know her well but a bit challenging with strangers finds that perfect match, that kind, patient, loving person to break through their walls of fear and show them what being loved and forever cared for is really like, it touches our hearts in a special way. The staff and volunteers that have won Josie’s trust (and even those who haven’t, because we’ve seen how amazing she is even from a distance) will miss her terribly, but getting her ready to head to the home she deserves is what ECPR is all about. It’s why we do what we do.

Congratulations, Josie! May you never know hunger, disappointment, sorrow or abandonment ever again. We are so proud of you, so happy for you, and we hope you know you are forever loved!

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