DailyECPR : Sweet Colette Wants Your Lap

Whenever I enter the Emerald City Pet Rescue playroom I have to take a few minutes to crouch down and say hello to a very special lady; Colette.

IMG_0700Colette is a sweet older girl. This fifteen year old schnauzer-terrier mix is a bit quiet, but her age has not slowed her down physically or mentally.

Colette is quite unique in appearance! Many say they can see the schnauzer in her quite clearly, but I say she almost looks like a mini werewolf (in a cute way!) What a perfect dog for the duel lover of animal and science fiction. After all, who doesn’t want a mini werewolf as a pet who is also sweet as pie?! Or is that just me…. hmm, awkward! I kid, I kid.

Due to some unknown trauma in her past, Colette’s jaw is a bit crooked and often the tip of her tongue hangs out of the side of her mouth. I would almost lovingly refer to her face as derpy, but her eyes, rather than erratic are steady, calm and loving. Every time she looks up at you, she’s politely asking for a kind word, a pet, a lap to crawl into.

Laps, incidentally are Colette’s favorite thing and her favorite place to be. Everything about this girl is loyal. In the playroom, she often patrols but she does it calmly, perusing the territory like a police dog on a happy, stress-free day. She is making sure the room is safe for her favorite species, humans.

IMG_0696Sometimes it’s difficult for us in the rescue world to adopt out older dogs. Dogs can find their way to your heart in such a short amount time and it’s a difficult, but amazingly courageous thing to love a dog even if your time with them may be short. Colette however, for being fifteen years of age, is still spry, alert and healthy. She looks at her favorite humans like we hung the moon. Her loving gaze could melt icicles in an instant. If you’re searching for a loyal, unique, special, extremely deserving dog to curl up on your lap while you read or watch tv, follow quietly at your feet while you go about daily chores and love you unconditionally, look no further than Colette! She wants to spend the rest of her life warm, loved, and safe in your arms. Who can resist that face?!

If you in the Seattle area and are interested in finding out of this amazing dog is your puppy-soulmate, please give us a call at 206 557 4661. You won’t regret it!

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