DailyECPR: Springtime, Puppies and Joy

Everyone has different ways to measure the approach of spring. For some people, it is noticing how each day after work the sky is full of just a little bit more daylight. For other people, it is admiring the crocuses blooming…. First one bursting through the mud, then more and more as spring approaches. At ECPR, we have our own way of measuring the nearness of spring: BABY ANIMALS! It all starts with one lil’ baby. When it was still the dreary days of winter, we had one single puppy. This puppy was sweet London, who took much longer than expected to find a forever home, but it finally happened for the much deserving little fellow. Now we have a whole litter of puppies! Soon, it will be a kitten and puppy bonanza! Everywhere we look, we’ll see a rambunctious little animal. Since right now we only have a litter of puppies and not yet a litter of kittens, we at ECPR know that while spring is on its way, it is not quite here. Once we get that first litter of kittens, then I know it is time to start putting away the winter coats.


The puppies we currently have at Emerald City Pet Rescue are Macaroon’s puppies. Macaroon is a sweet girl with big eyes and a loving personality. She is a good mother. She likes to play with her puppies, but she is also good at letting them know when they are getting too rowdy.


Two of Macaroons puppies have already gone home! Which is of course no surprise! Puppies add joy, love and merriment to any home.


Macaroon has four more little rascals wreaking havoc in the playroom. They love to topple about, bounce and brawl with each other.


All of Macaroons puppies look fairly similar and a lot like her, except for Zelda. Zelda is a unique member of her family. Instead of a copper Chihuahua, she is a fluffy little munchkin. But puppies aren’t influenced by looks, they are influenced by the mutual desire to play!!! Zelda wants to play, so her siblings don’t bat an eye at the difference in her appearance.


Puppies can take a lot of energy! They are always causing mischief. They are in a constant state of learning. Sometimes, the older dogs teach the little ones how to behave. When the puppies met sweet old gal Colette, they all ran around her, not giving her the proper space she needs to feel comfortable. Colette said “ARF ARF, Grumble.” Which roughly translates to: “Hey puppies, let me tell you something. A grown dog needs some space. She doesn’t want a bunch of little puppies jumping on top of her and nipping at her. I am happy to be your friend, but only if you afford me the respect of my space.” Well, the puppies are eager to learn and please. After Colette spoke her mind, the puppies listened. All our grown dogs in the playroom can offer help and advice to the puppies and they learn about this world.


Humans also contribute to the learning process of the puppies. We let them know it is not okay to nibble at our hands or bark for no reason at all. We let them know when their play time gets too rambunctious. We also let them know when they are being good puppies by giving them lots of praise and cuddles. While we offer the puppies very important concrete lessons about the world, they help us out with life lessons. Who better to teach you to embrace the joy of life than a puppy? One only needs to observe a puppy for a short while before that puppy glee starts influencing the mood of the viewer. Watching puppies frolic makes me want to frolic too! Everyone should take some time here and there to frolic like a puppy!


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