DailyECPR : Colette’s Plea for a Lap

image2I know you’ve probably seen a lot of me on ECPR social media today (Friday, March 11 2016) but that’s because I’m feeling a bit lonely and I wanted to really show myself off. I am an older-lady model, after all! I look amazing in red :).

Right now I live in comfort with a kennel of my very own, yummie food to fill my tummy and lots of dogs and even people to hang with, and yet the one thing I want more than anything in the world is a personal home and humans of my very own to love me for the rest of my life. I want to wake up every morning to the smell of pancakes even if I’m not allowed to actually eat any. A few good scratches behind my ears will do me just fine as I eat my breakfast and you eat yours. If the radio or TV is on for background noise, I will be such a good girl and go lay quietly on the couch while I wait for you to join me after doing chores. (I would offer to help with the dishes but I have no opposable thumbs!) If you give me love and a doggy bed of my own, I solemnly swear that I will give you my loyalty, my company, and my precious doggy soul for the rest of my life.

Sometimes, I longingly look up at the full moon and feel the urge to howl. That’s because I am a miniature werewolf! At least, that’s what I’m told by someone who works where I live at Emerald City Pet Rescue. My werewolf likeness is only in my unique and adorable look, though. Personality wise I am a sweet heart! At some point in my past, I was in an accident. I hurt my back and my jaw! OUCH! They never quite healed perfect, so my tongue often hangs out of the side of my mouth. I refuse to feel self-conscious about it, I think it makes me even cuter! I give literal meaning to the term “wagging tongue”! Sure, some dogs learn to stick their tongues out for the cuteness-factor, but mine does it naturally. I win!

When I’m not gazing out at the full moon I’m always on the hunt for my favorite destination in the whole world – a lap. Although I move around just fine for being an older gal (I’m fifteen in human years.. I am too much of a lady to admit what that is in dog years!) I prefer to be a calm girl and I will probably not chew up all of your shoes or mark your walls. I will respect your things in return for your company and cuddles.

Not to be picky, but if you do have other dogs, I hope they are calmer like I am. Because I am an older lady I have grown past the hyper shenanigans of younger pups and I do not want them to trample all over my begonias ;). I tend to be stern with them when they run around and cause too much chaos!

Please take a chance on me. I promise I am worth it. I know someone in the Seattle area is looking for forever friend that has a unique look and a sweet personality. I am a true lap dog and for the last years of my life, all I want for Christmas (or you know, for March-mas!) is a lap to call my very own.

If you can answer my plea, please give my rescue a call at 206 557 4661 and tell them you would like to meet me and see how well I fit on your lap!

Sincerely and Hopefully Yours, Colette

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