DailyBlog : A Perfect Little Lady

Lady_09 USE THISBeautiful spaniel mix Lady is the ripe old age of eighteen, but you would never guess that when you meet her! She has the quiet, sweet disposition of an older dog, but other than her vision and hearing being slightly impaired she has no other major physical challenges that often come hand in hand with dogs her age.

Lady’s personality is what really makes her shine, though! She is endlessly gentle and sweet. Her eyes tell you endless stories with just a glance. Lady came to us from a shelter in California and we don’t know anything else about her backstory, but her eyes tell me she was loved. Her eyes tell me that she watched children grow up, that she has seen and experienced both great joy in the world (perhaps running through fresh grass and/or butterflies in her younger days) as well as the sadness of loss; whatever tragedy brought her into the shelter system.

The other day, I came into work a bit down due to an argument I had with someone the night before. I needed to get a few pictures of this beautiful girl so I brought her into the meet and greet room, and I ended up sitting on the floor pouring my heart out to her. She rested her soft head on my lap and listened with the greatest of empathies. Her tenderness brought a tear to my glistening eye. I knew I was not the first person to confide in her and I know I won’t be the last. There was no judgement in her eyes, only love.

Lady_05 USE THISI have never seen Lady growl or snipe, not a person and not at another dog. She softly avoids the younger, boisterous dogs as they bound around the playroom but she has the patience of a saint. She understands they are young and they need to romp. She is content to relax and receive whatever love we are willing to give her.

All of our wonderful pets deserve a forever loving home, of course, but Lady has a special spot in my heart. If I lived somewhere where I had the space I would take her home with me in a second. It saddens me that I am not in a position to do so, but I have to believe there is someone out there (or, everyone!) who will fall in love with this extremely amazing girl the moment they lay eyes on her. They will know instantly that this dog is destined to be a part of their life. They’ll take her home and she will lay by them while they read a book. She will listen to their stories of trials and triumphs. She will lay her head softly on their lap when they are sad and she will look up at them with love and pride when they are happy. She will spend the rest of her years appreciating their kindness and compassion every second they are together.

Is that wonderful person, Lady’s perfect match, out there?

Is it you?!

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