DailyECPR: Sweet Tweet

Tweet is lovable, loyal and the cutest teeny-tiny charmer in all the world. With his dainty deer ears and big bulgy eyes, Tweet has a constant expression of wonder on his face. Tweet has been at Emerald City Pet Rescue for several months now. He has been patiently awaiting the arrival of his forever people at ECPR’s front doors. He can imagine it now! The perfect person for him would be someone kind, loving, gentle and understanding. Tweet isn’t just looking for any person to show up at Emerald City Pet Rescue. He has certain expectations. Tweet wants a best friend….someone he can share in the joys of the world with. This means it is very important that Tweet finds a person who shares his passions.


Tweet’s greatest passion in life is perfecting the art of coziness. Why live in a hard surfaced and bleak world when you can live in a world full of blankets, warmth and comfort? Tweet’s philosophy is that a life spent enjoying relaxing and a warm and comfy environment is a life well spent. The way Tweet best embraces the cozy life is by burrowing underneath warm blankets. Since Tweet likes the calm lifestyle, he often spends his time in the senior corner of the playroom. This is a gated off-corner where we put older dogs, or any-aged dog who may prefer spending their time in a calmer atmosphere. Tweet is one of our littlest dogs. He does not necessarily want to spend his day dodging and darting away from the larger dogs as they clumsily bound around the playroom, only vaguely aware of the littler dogs scurrying nearby. Tweet appreciates the calm reprieve of the senior corner. Sometimes I will look over to the corner and I will think “Where is Tweet!?” But then, I will notice a blanket with a giant lump in it. The lump will slightly stir. Out pops Tweet’s curious face. “What’s the concern?” Tweet’s expression seems to say. “I was only enjoying some quite moments in the comfort of my blanket fort.”

What goes better with coziness then cuddling? Our cozy connoisseur Tweet certainly agrees that the two are a perfect pairing. Cuddling is Tweet’s other great joy in life. Tweet is a very loyal dog and falls in love with certain people. To Tweet, these people are the apple in his eyes, the stars in the sky, and the sugar in his tea. When he finds someone he absolutely adores, he wants to spend all his time cuddling with them. Whether it be snugly in a lap or anchored in the arms, Tweet is all about a good cuddle session. It is easy to see the great peace that cuddling brings Tweet. Nothing makes Tweet enjoy the beauty in life like a good cuddle with a great friend.


But Tweet isn’t completely inflexible. If someone he adores has an interest that Tweet doesn’t necessarily share, he is willing to make an effort. For instance…walking! Dogs are known for their love of walking. But Tweet is an independent guy who doesn’t allow rules of dogkind to dictate his opinions. He thinks walking is only so-so. But his apathetic outlook on walks doesn’t mean he’ll refuse a walk. He is willing to give it a shot. But, after walking a short distance, don’t be surprised if Tweet looks up at you with his big eyes. It is easy to see in those eyes that he is saying “Okay, I walked. I’m ready to be carried.” Well, compromise is an essential part of any successful friendship.

Oh, Sweet Tweet! Specialist of all that is comfy and cozy! Master of cuddling! Perfecter of the sweet and lovable! King of cute! Little Tweet is ready to find his home and his best friend. He is ready to snuggle up on a couch. He is ready to curl up in gentle and inviting arms. Tweet is not only ready for his forever home, his sweet heart and lovable personality makes him more than deserving of one! If Tweet may be the perfect fit for your home, please call ECPR at 206 557 4661. Your new little friend is awaiting your arrival!


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