DailyECPR : Breed Stereotypes

We’ve all been exposed to breed stereotypes over the years. Some are just “general heresay” while others are actually harmful to the willingness of others to give certain breeds a chance. Take the pit-bull for example; banned by almost all renters, generally spoken of in the general public as if they are mean, dangerous dogs.

I can honestly say that every pit-bull I’ve ever personally interacted with has been sweet, friendly, intelligent and playful; innocent fun-loving dogs who really enjoy human companionship. It is unfortunate that sociopathic dog-fighters focus on this breed simply for its naturally powerful jaws, but to me, assuming that pit bulls are naturally aggressive dogs is akin to assuming every naturally muscular man has great potential to be a bully. Did that sound like an unfair assumption?

Small breeds such as chihuahuas also have a “reputation” of being “yappy” and even aggressive. I have met some chihuahuas who were very protective and barky, and I have met countless who are mellow and friendly toward everyone they meet. I am a firm believer that breed is no indicator of an animal’s aggression level, and that all you can really determine by a dog’s size is how easily a young pup can accidentally knock you over if they get overexcited during playtime.

Without further ado, here’s an excellent website that addresses some unfair breed stereotypes, and debunks them! Its a great source of education to get past the gossip in order to get the real facts, which is extremely important and helpful when trying to make a decision about what type of dog would be the best fit for you and your household 🙂

Bad to the Bone, or Misunderstood?

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