DailyECPR: The Cats in the Cat Room

Cats in action

The dog playroom is always so full of activity, excitement and commotion. But sometimes all that commotion can be chaotic. There is no better reprieve from the doggy induced chaos than the kitty created calm of the cat room.


This isn’t to say there is never drama in the cat room! But it is a quicker drama. It escalates lightening fast, then sizzles away just as rapidly. Just the other day, I was spending some time with my kitty pals in the cat room when drama ensued! Cream was sitting on the carpeted ledge. She was content in her absolute ownership of this ledge. But Buddy wanted a piece of this ledge. After all, it was long enough for several cats, and it appeared to be a quite cozy spot. So Buddy leaped up. As soon as his dainty paws touched down on the soft carpet of the ledge, Cream let out a wild hiss! Buddy reciprocated with an anxious yowl! The two cats, startled by the flurry of sounds they created scattered into different directions of the playroom. Once safely away from each other, the Cream and Buddy quickly eased back into their usual state of contentment. Both of them were happy to enjoy their new perches.

Cream may not be a fan of Buddy, but she did make a best pal during her stay at ECPR. She befriended beautiful Jagger. For a short while, Jagger and Cream were the only two cats in the playroom. They had the run of the place! But instead of giving each other a wide girth, the cozied up together. They loved to sit smooshed next to each other in the highest corner of the driftwood jungle gym. Cream and Jagger have since found forever homes, but Buddy, Creams short-lived nemesis, is still looking for his forever home.

Buddy also has a best pal. His best pal is beautiful orange Bridgette. Buddy and Bridgette are a bonded pair which means they will be going to a forever home together because their bond is so strong, they would be heartbroken without the other. Buddy and Bridgette are both very sweet and cuddly cats. Buddy is especially cuddly. Whenever he sees a lap available, he marches over. With a swish of his long and glorious tail and a nudge of his head, he can easily convince any human to start giving him pets. Bridgette is a little less demanding for cuddles and a little more content with solitude, but she too needs her cuddle time. She is gentle and sweet during her cuddle time.

Buddy and Bridgette are not the only bonded pair we have at ECPR. We also have sweet mother and son duo Sunnie and Rico. These two beauties love to snuggle with each other and with their people friends. Both Rico and Sunnie are calm cats. They have an aura of peace that surrounds them and influences those around them.  It is fun to give these two head scratches while contemplating the more peaceful aspects of life together.

Spending time in the cat room is always a great experience. Cats are a rare type than can combine the majestic with the goofy. There is something about the grace in which they move, the proud tilt to their head and confidence in their eyes that gives cats a sense of royalty. When confronted with the beauty of cats, it is impossible not to believe in their utter superiority. But the spell can be broken in an instant when they chase their tail, or roll on their back while exposing their fluffy belly or sometimes just in the way they meow. When in the presence of a cat, I am constantly swayed back and forth between “You are an otherworldly creature of superior everything” to “You are a goofy, rascal of an animal who sends me into fits of laughter with your silliness.” Cats truly are delightful animals and I enjoy every moment I spend with them! If you feel the same way, consider adopting one of Emerald City Pet Rescue’s lovable felines!


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