DailyECPR : Dobie the House Elf – I mean, Min Pin!

Dobie-Photos20160223_05Dobie the 5 year old house elf – oops, I mean the min pin, is an adorable boy! Dobie came to us with his son Bandit, who was quite a bit larger than him and resembled a rat terrier. We don’t judge Dobie for his choice of baby mama though! I tease, I tease.

Dobie’s eyes are by far his best feature. They are bright and filled with expression. When they look up at you, you can almost hear him whispering, “Love me.. please?”

Dobie is a bit shy around strangers, he likes to make sure you are an awesome person before he relaxes into cuddles but once he has realized how amazing you are, he follows you around faithfully and asks for your full attention. Such an affectionate boy once you’ve gained his trust!

Dobie spent a few years at Hogwarts working in the kitchens, so what he seeks most from a forever family is a sock for his freedom! Since he does great with other dogs, he’d do well in a home alongside his house-elf companion, Winky!

Dobie-Photos20160223_10Okay I’m kidding about the Hogwarts thing. Probably. But Dobie is as sweet of a dog as Dobie was a house elf, and he’d be just as loyal to a loving forever family that house-elf Dobie was to Harry Potter.

Don’t make this special guy wait around too long, we just know there’s a min pin loving family that is more than ready to give him love and receive that love back tenfold.

If you think you just might be the freedom – I mean family, Dobie has been waiting for, give us a call at 206 557 4661 and set up a time to come in and meet this little shy guy, feed him a few treats, and make that special connection that will ensure his happiness for the rest of his life 🙂

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