DailyECPR: Poncho and the Puppies on a Sunny Day

The animals at Emerald City Pet Rescue are enjoying their warm and glowing reward! After a seemingly infinite expanse of dark days, rainstorms and hardly a proper visit from the sun, spring is finally here! The animals have endured another gloomy winter, and their reward is sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine! Every dog has a different style of sunshine appreciation. Some of them like to plop down and thoroughly luxuriate. Others curl up with a dreamy expression on their face. Some like to stand and let the sunshine pour over them. Here are Gidget, Blade and Angelina, all enjoying some sunshine while they wait for their forever homes.

Sugar, who recently found her forever home with her sis and best bud Meili, is probably one of our most talented sunshine loungers ever. She turns enjoying sun into a display of true glamour. She tilts her head back dramatically while each and every part of her furry body soaks in the sun.

The best thing about the sunshine is the way it unifies the group. Even with our adorable crew of sweethearts, animosities and rivalries do develop. But who wants to engage in petty disagreements when instead you can share in the glory of sun!


But sunshine doesn’t just bring together foes, it further unites friends. The unifying force of sunshine is proven by Poncho and the puppies.

Poncho is an amazing dog. He has an old soul and a young heart. He is a dog in his golden years with several years of life behind him. But he is ready and eager to appreciate all the days ahead of him. There is something truly special about older dogs. It is like dogs get kinder and even more amazing as they age. Stoic and sweet Poncho definitely is a (sun-)shinning example of an amazing older dog.


But our elderly guy Poncho has that Puppy sparkle still gleaming brightly. He is curious and playful just like a little pup. So it is no surprise that Poncho befriended the puppies in the playroom. As soon as Poncho saw the puppies, he wanted to be their friend and to play with them. But playing is not as easy for Poncho as it is for other dogs. He doesn’t have the use of his back legs, and he must be in either a wheelchair or drag bag to navigate the world. So while other dogs may be able to romp around with their puppy friends, Poncho has a more difficult time. Even with the assistance of a drag bag or wheelchair, mobility is no easy feat.


But luckily, the puppies don’t need all their friends to be boisterous and quick with their movement. The puppies sensed a kindred spirit in Poncho, and they easily adapted their socializing style to fit Poncho’s more sedentary life. So instead of chasing and jumping, the puppies curled up next to their new pal Poncho on a big comfy dog bed and together they enjoyed a bit of sunshine.

Poncho is quite accustomed to sharing comfy beds with friends. When he arrived at the rescue, Poncho came with his long time best pal and bonded pair Viva.


Viva, who is also a lovely elderly dog, is a wonderful girl with an endearing feisty side to her personality. She has lived long enough to know when to be patient and when it is time to turn on the sass. Along with her sassy side, she is incredibly sweet. She makes cute grunty sounds when she is happy. Whenever I give her head pets, she wiggles her head and nuzzles it toward my hand. She likes to spend her time daydreaming and cuddling with either a person friend or her best bud Poncho!


Poncho and Viva and the puppies together show why dogs are so amazing at every stage of their life. Puppies are sweet and cute and playful, but as Poncho and Viva show, the puppy side of a dog never entirely leaves. Even the oldest dog has that burst of curiosity or playfulness or joy for life. With age, they grow into their giant paws and oversized ears, but they never grow out of what really made them amazing in the first place- the charm of the canine is ever enduring. The endearing nature, the sweetness and the lovability starts in puppyhood, but it is always there, especially in their golden years!

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