DailyECPR: Peanut- A Pup with Personality and Pizzazz!

Golden Peanut is a dog with a radiant personality! Peanut has big doe eyes that give her an appearance of innocence and sweetness. But when her mouth opens in a jolly doggy grin, it is easy to see that there is quite a bit of mischief mixed in with that sweetness. She is a dog with an independent spirit and a mind of her own. She has strong opinions. Peanut knows what she dislikes and Peanut knows that she likes.


Peanut’s Dislikes: Cats (no matter how cute) and car rides

Peanut’s Likes: Ambling strolls on a sunny spring day. Chasing buzzing insects as they dart through the air. Investigating all that is strange and unusual. Cuddles and basking in the glory of love and attention Finding an open sunspot in the playroom and working on her relaxation technique. Using her good looks and charming personality to make new friends, especially if these friends are eager to snuggle. Pretending she is not interested in her dreary breakfast of dry kibble so she can get an extra scoop of delicious wet food mixed in. Charming every human she meets with her adorable doggy smile and twinkling eyes.

The first time Peanut met a cat as an Emerald City Pet Rescue dog, she met the very delightful and irresistibly charismatic Beebe. Beebe isn’t the type of cat who cowers at the sight of dogs. Beebe will march right up to any dog with graceful feline confidence. She then mews a hardy “hello!” It is not enough to just say hello though. Beebe is all about the physical contact. If she were a person, she’d be the type to declare “I’m a hugger” as she warmly wraps you in a bear hug. Beebe’s form of hugging is head nudging. She fondly presses her head against any dog she meets. The dog’s reactions are often hilarious, ranging from complete bafflement to a look of barely masked horror…an expression reminiscent to humans if a gigantic spider were to land on their face. Beebe is unfazed by all dog’s reactions, even Peanuts. Peanut’s reaction wasaplomd “Get this weird, fuzzy creature away from me, now! I don’t like cats!” And that is a-okay. We can respect our gal Peanuts preference for a cat free life. If even Beebe can’t charm Peanut, we know our Peanut must go to a cat free home.

Peanut recently accompanied ECPR staff to an adoption event where she got to strut her stuff. Peanut received much admiration for her adorable face and goofy yet proud personality. But all of this attention did not result in a forever home. But in the process, ECPR staff learned something important about Peanut: She absolutely hates car rides. If she is ignored or left to stew in the misery of the car ride alone, she howls, wines and paws at the kennel crate door. But once some encouraging words, love and cuddles are given, she is able to calm down and handle the distress of travel with aplomb.


Peanuts absolute favorite activity is delving into all that sparks her curiosity. If something interests Peanut, she wants to learn everything about it. The world is and interesting, wondrous place and Peanut wants to investigate! Peanut and I went on a walk and she found so much to explore. There were so many amazing, fascinating and terrific things to smell. That spot there! This plant here! And over there, that crack in the sidewalk!


On our walk together, Peanut and I also saw a fascinating little bug whirling around. “Woah!” Peanut said with her body language. “What is that strange flying thing?” She watched with perked ears and alert tail as the little bug zig-zagged through the sky. Peanuts head whipped around, following the movement of the bug.


Peanut also likes to investigate strange bumps she sees in the playroom. Little Tweet loves to burrow underneath blankets in the senior corner. Peanut is drawn to this curious lump that occasionally stirs. She will stand on the other side of the gate with wide eyes, wondering and waiting for what will happen next.


Although Peanut’s intelligent mind motivates her to learn and explore, she is also good at sometimes just letting her mind drift into daydream mode while she relaxes. Peanut loves a good sunspot. She likes to curl up and feel the warm heat collect in her golden fur. Sun relaxation time is even more wonderful when she is also getting cuddles.


Peanut’s ideal day would be spent exploring the world whether it be city walks or strolls in the forest. Then, her day would end with relaxing in the sun while her best forever friend gave her cuddles. Peanut is ready for her forever home. If you would like this amazing dog to be a part of your life, call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4661.

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