Pupdate : Peter Checking In!

Peter Peter, now Zero, is checking in from his forever home! This little guy wasn’t with us here at ECPR for too long, but he definitely left a lasting paw-print on our hearts! This little chihuahua was sweet, friendly and confident, the perfect model dog for some of our shyer guys and gals to be inspired by. He was smart, adventurous, and he made a personal friend in my pup and ECPR’s unofficial mascot, Lily. She would follow him around the playroom like he hung the moon, and he returned her affection by the occasional hump. (Both dogs are fixed so it was all in good fun!) I even considered fostering him because Lily loved him so, and I adored him as well, but as fate and fortune would have it, he had a meet and greet that turned into love at first sight and the next thing I knew he was getting ready to leave for his forever home! Look at at him all sleepy and cuddly with his new brother, what a cutie! Happy Endings are always the ultimate goal for all ECPR critters and we are so thrilled that Peter got the family he deserves!

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